How you can contribute

Would you like to do some research into your local hostelries? We can help you get started and point you to some possible sources of information.

Many of the pubs that existed in Ceredigion already have a page on this site, but there is very little information about most of them. Much on the information already on the site is from 19th century documents. Do you have memories from the 20th century
• dances, parties, New Year's Eve events, carnivals;
• weddings, funeral wakes;
• auctions; fund raising;
• competitions;
• organised meetings (Parish Council, campaigns)
• community groups: (Merched y Wawr, Women's Institute, Young Farmers, Local History)

Did you and your friends prefer one pub in a village to another - if so why? Was one predominately used by Welsh speakers, or another by incomers?

You can help by recording the following about the pubs in your area:
• exactly where the pub is / was by finding its national grid reference on the linked digital map
• when it opened and closed (if known)
• any maps which haven’t already been uploaded, which show the pub
• any alternative names it had (including local rather than official names)
• any associated stories, events, activities
• any associated people: characters, famous visitors,
• how the pub was used for official meetings, social groups etc.
• the names of the owners, licensees, landlords and landladies, etc.
• any photographs of events, especially those showing the interiors.

Have you noticed any errors in the information which is on the site? - please let us know. For example, there are probably some pubs which are listed more than once, under different place names; one might be the village or settlement name, the other a regional or parish name. This might be resolved when more directory and census returns have been found: the names of the licensees will show that they are the same or different premises.

However you want to help, please contact us at