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The database currently contains details of 1002 pubs and other premises, 256 places and 209 people. There are also 329 photos and postcards, 80 pub signs, 672 newspaper articles, 253 maps and 104 documents. About 134 pubs are still open.

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Place (English) Place (Welsh) Other namesIncludes/part of
Aberaeron (Town) (id=35)Aberayron
Aberaeron (p) (Parish) (id=198)Aberaeron (p)
Aberaeron Licensing Division (Licensing Division) (id=247)
Aberarth (Village) (id=92)Aber-arthLlanddewi-Aberarth
Abercych (Village)
[Pembroke] (id=268)
Aberporth (Village) (id=73)Aber-porth
Aberporth (p) (Parish) (id=137)Aber-porth (p)
Aberstrincell (Settlement) (id=216)Aber-strincell
Aberystwyth (Town) (id=6)Aberystwith
Aberystwyth (p) (Parish) (id=197)
Aberystwyth Licensing Division (Licensing Division) (id=244)
Adpar (Village) (id=74)Trefhedyn
Allt Goch (Village) (id=84)
Bangor Teifi (p) (Parish) (id=158)
Betws Bledrws (Village) (id=181)
Betws Bledrws (p) (Parish) (id=93)Bettws Bledrws
Betws Ifan (p) (Parish) (id=149)Bettws Evan
Betws Lleucu (Village) (id=41)Bettws Leiki
Betws Lleucu (p) (Parish) (id=185)Betws Leucu / Bettws Lleucu
Beulah (cc) (Parish) (id=199)
Blaenannerch (Village) (id=212)
Blaenpennal (Village) (id=224)
Blaenpennal (t) (Parish) (id=177)
Blaenplwyf (Village) (id=112)
Blaenporth (Village) (id=72)
Blaenporth (p) (Parish) (id=145)Blaen-porth
Blaenrheidol (cc) (Parish) (id=200)
Bontgoch (Village) (id=202)Bont-goch
Borth (Village) (id=22)
Bow Street (Village) (id=8)
Bronant (Village) (id=85)Bron-nant
Brongwyn (p) (Parish) (id=150)Bron-Gwyn (p)
Brynhoffnant (Village) (id=113)Bryn-Hoffnant
Capel Bangor (Village) (id=15)Capel Bangor
Capel Betws Lleucu (Village) (id=223)
Capel Cynon (Village) (id=241)
Capel Dewi (Village) (id=126)
Capel Seion (Settlement) (id=259)
Cardigan (Town) (id=59)Aberteifi
Cardigan (p) (Parish) (id=140)Aberteifi (p)
Cardigan Licensing Division (Licensing Division) (id=248)
Cardiganshire Licensing Committee (Licensing Division) (id=255)
Cardiganshire Petty Sessions (0) (id=245)
Carmarthenshire (0)
[Carmarthen] (id=227)
Castell Hywel (Village) (id=86)Castell Howell
Cellan (Village) (id=184)
Cellan (p) (Parish) (id=63)
Ceredigion (Settlement) (id=102)Cardiganshire
Ceulanamaesmawr (cc) (Parish) (id=201)
Chancery (Settlement) (id=240)
Cilcennin (Village) (id=45)Cil-Cenin
Cilcennin (p) (Parish) (id=173)
Ciliau Aeron (p, cc) (Parish) (id=166)
Clarach (Village) (id=230)
Cnwch Coch (Settlement) (id=96)
Cribyn (Village) (id=48)Cribin
Cross Hands (Village) (id=233)
Cross Inn (Village) (id=110)
Cwm Tylwd (Village) (id=237)
Cwm-cou (Village) (id=221)
Cwmann (Village)
[Carmarthen] (id=133)
Cwmerfyn (Village) (id=127)Cwm-erfyn
Cwmrheidol (Parish) (id=13)
Cwmtydu (Village) (id=52)
Cwmystwyth (Village) (id=99)
Cwrt Newydd (Village) (id=66)Cwrt-newyddNew Court, Newcourt
Cynnullmawr (Settlement) (id=206)
Dderwen Gam (Village) (id=130)
Derry Ormond (Village) (id=134)
Derwenlas (Village)
[Merioneth] (id=262)
Devil's Bridge (Village) (id=9)Pont ar Fynach
Dihewyd (p) (Parish) (id=167)
Dyfed (0)
[0] (id=229)
Dyffryn Arth (cc) (Parish) (id=203)
Dyffryn Castell (Settlement) (id=234)
Eglwys Fach (p) (Parish) (id=196)
Eisteddfa Gurig (Village) (id=103)
Ferwig (Village) (id=69)Y FerwigVerwig, Verwick
Ferwig (p) (Parish) (id=138)Verwig
Ffair Rhos (Village) (id=37)Rhos Ffair, Ffair-rhos
Ffos y Ffin (Village) (id=119)
Ffostrasol (Village) (id=87)Pen-lan
Gartheli (p) (Parish) (id=180)
Gilfachrheda (Village) (id=220)Gilfachreda
Gogerddan (Village) (id=116)
Goginan (Village) (id=14)
Gorrig (Settlement) (id=267)
Gorsgoch (Village) (id=88)
Gwbert (Village) (id=207)
Gwnnws (p) (Parish) (id=31)
Henfynyw (Village) (id=164)
Henfynyw (p) (Parish) (id=44)
Henllan (Village) (id=77)
Henllan (p) (Parish) (id=157)
Horeb (Village) (id=124)
Issa'n Dre (Parish) (id=236)
Lampeter (Town) (id=5)Llanbedr Pont Steffan
Lampeter (p) (Parish) (id=169)Llanbedr Pont Steffan (p)
Lampeter Licensing Division (Licensing Division) (id=251)
Llanafan (Village) (id=225)
Llanafan (p) (Parish) (id=94)
Llanarth (Village) (id=49)Llannarth
Llanarth (p) (Parish) (id=161)Llannarth
Llanbadarn Fawr (Village) (id=7)
Llanbadarn Fawr (p) (Parish) (id=194)
Llanbadarn Licensing Division (Licensing Division) (id=249)
Llanbadarn Odwyn (p) (Parish) (id=188)
Llanbadarn Trefeglwys (Village) (id=57)
Llanbadarn Trefeglwys (p) (Parish) (id=174)
Llanbadarn y Creuddyn (t) (Parish) (id=226)Llanbadarn Upper, Llanbadarn Lower
Llancynfelyn (p) (Parish) (id=2)Llangynfelyn (p)
Llanddeiniol (p) (Parish) (id=191)
Llanddewi Aberarth (p) (Parish) (id=34)Llanddewi Aber-arth (p)
Llanddewi Brefi (Village) (id=42)
Llanddewi Brefi (p) (Parish) (id=186)
Llandre (Village) (id=115)
Llandudoch (p) (Parish)
[Pembroke] (id=263)
Llandyfriog (Village) (id=75)
Llandyfriog (p) (Parish) (id=152)
Llandygwydd (Village) (id=71)Llandugwydd
Llandygwydd (p) (Parish) (id=146)
Llandysiliogogo (p) (Parish) (id=154)
Llandyssul Licensing Division (Licensing Division) (id=250)
Llandysul (Town) (id=97)
Llandysul (p) (Parish) (id=159)Llandyssul
Llanerch Aeron (p) (Parish) (id=165)
Llanfair Clydogau (Village) (id=64)
Llanfair Clydogau (p) (Parish) (id=183)
Llanfair Orllwyn (p) (Parish) (id=156)
Llanfair Trelygen (p) (Parish) (id=151)Llanfair Trefhelygen
Llanfairorllwyn (Village) (id=78)
Llanfarian (Village) (id=210)Pentrebont
Llanfihangel ar Arth (Village)
[Carmarthen] (id=125)
Llanfihangel Yeroth
Llanfihangel Geneu'r Glyn (Village) (id=24)
Llanfihangel Geneu'r Glyn (p) (Parish) (id=195)Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn
Llanfihangel y Creuddyn (p) (Parish) (id=10)
Llanfihangel Ystrad (p) (Parish) (id=171)
Llangeitho (Village) (id=39)
Llangeitho (p) (Parish) (id=178)
Llangoedmor (Village) (id=143)
Llangoedmor (p) (Parish) (id=142)
Llangrannog (Village) (id=79)Llangranog, Llangaranog
Llangrannog (p) (Parish) (id=153)Llangranog
Llangwyryfon (p) (Parish) (id=190)
Llangybi (p) (Parish) (id=182)
Llangynllo (Village) (id=80)
Llangynllo (p) (Parish) (id=155)Llangunllo
Llanilar (p) (Parish) (id=12)
Llanilar Licensing Division (Licensing Division) (id=246)
Llanina (p) (Parish) (id=163)
Llanllwchaiarn (p) (Parish) (id=55)Llanllwchaearn
Llanllwni (Village)
[Carmarthen] (id=123)
Llanon (Village) (id=56)Llan-non, Llannon
Llanrhystud (Village) (id=21)
Llanrhystud Mefenydd (p) (Parish) (id=176)
Llanrhystud Road (Settlement) (id=238)
Llansantffraed (p) (Parish) (id=58)Llansantffraid; Llansanffraid
Llanwenog (Village) (id=68)
Llanwenog (p) (Parish) (id=160)Llanwennog
Llanwnen (Village) (id=67)Llanwnnen
Llanwnen (p) (Parish) (id=168)
Llanybydder (Village)
[Carmarthen] (id=256)
Llanychaearn (p) (Parish) (id=20)Llanychaiarn (p)Llanychaiarn
Llechryd (Village) (id=70)
Llechryd (p) (Parish) (id=144)
Lledrod (Village) (id=27)
Lledrod (p) (Parish) (id=189)
Llundain Fach (Village) (id=213)
Llwyncelyn (Village) (id=120)
Llwyndafydd (Village) (id=53)Llwyn-Dafydd
Llywernog (Village) (id=209)
Lochtyn (Settlement) (id=239)
Lower Troedyraur Licensing Division (Licensing Division) (id=243)
Maesbangor (Village) (id=219)Maes-bangor
Maesycrugiau (Village)
[Carmarthen] (id=265)
Melindwr (p) (Parish) (id=131)
Morfa Mawr (Village) (id=211)
Mwnt (p) (Parish) (id=139)Mount
Mydroilyn (Village) (id=50)
Nantcwnlle (Village) (id=40)
Nantcwnlle (p) (Parish) (id=179)
Nebo (Village) (id=98)
Neuadd Cross (Village) (id=136)Noyadd Cross
New Cross (Village) (id=89)
New Inn (Village)
[Carmarthen] (id=135)
New Quay (Village) (id=54)Cei Newydd
Newcastle Emlyn (Village)
[Carmarthen] (id=257)
Castell-newydd Emlyn
Pembrokeshire (0)
[Pembroke] (id=228)
Penbontrhydybeddau (Village) (id=128)Pen-bont-rhyd-y-beddau; Pontrhydybeddau
Penbryn (Village) (id=82)
Penbryn (p) (Parish) (id=147)
Penllwyn (Village) (id=18)
Pennant (Village) (id=208)
Penparc (Village) (id=121)
Penparcau (Village) (id=204)Penparke
Penrhiwllan (Village) (id=122)
Penrhiwpal (Village) (id=258)
Penrhyncoch (Village) (id=129)
Penuwch (Village) (id=215)
Penygarn (Village) (id=25)Pen-y-garn
Pisgah (Settlement) (id=32)Pisgah
Pont Llanio (Village) (id=43)
Ponterwyd (Village) (id=16)
Pontrhydfendigaid (Village) (id=30)Pontrhydfendigaid
Pontrhydygroes (Village) (id=90)
Pontsian (Village) (id=107)Pontshan, Pontshaen
Pontwelly (Village)
[Carmarthen] (id=104)
Poppit (Village)
[Pembroke] (id=61)
Prengwyn (Village) (id=105)
Pumsaint (Village)
[Carmarthen] (id=242)
Rhostie (p) (Parish) (id=260)
Rhyddlan (Village) (id=205)Rhuddlan
Rhydlewis (Village) (id=100)
Rhydlewis Licensing Division (Licensing Division) (id=252)
Rhydowen (Village) (id=108)
Rhydyfelin (Village) (id=264)
Rhydypennau (Village) (id=118)
Silian (Village) (id=62)
Silian (p) (Parish) (id=170)
St Dogmaels (Village)
[Pembroke] (id=60)
St Dogmells
Strata Florida (p) (Parish) (id=29)Ystrad Fflur (p)
Swyddffynnon (Village) (id=38)Swyddffynon
Synod Inn (Village) (id=109)
Talgarreg (Village) (id=51)
Taliesin (Village) (id=3)Tre-Taliesin
Talsarn (Village) (id=65)
Talybont (Village) (id=23)Tal-y-bont
Talybont Licensing Division (Licensing Division) (id=253)
Tan-y-Groes (Village) (id=222)
Temple Bar (Village) (id=47)
Trawscoed (Settlement) (id=95)TrawscoedCrosswood
Tre'r Ddôl (Village) (id=4)
Trefechan (Village) (id=101)
Trefenter (Village) (id=232)
Trefeurig (p, cc) (Parish) (id=17)Trefeirig
Trefilan (Village) (id=132)
Trefilan (p) (Parish) (id=172)
Tregaron (Village) (id=26)
Tregaron (p) (Parish) (id=187)Tregarron
Tregaron Licensing Division (Licensing Division) (id=254)
Tregroes (Village) (id=106)Tre-groes
Tremain (p) (Parish) (id=141)Tre-main (p)
Tresaith (Village) (id=83)
Trisant (Village) (id=11)Trisant
Troedyraur (Village) (id=76)Troed-yr-aur
Troedyraur (p) (Parish) (id=148)Troed-yr-aur (p)
Ty'nllydiart (Settlement) (id=218)Ty'n-llidiart
Ucha'n Dre (Parish) (id=235)
Ynyslas (Village) (id=111)
Ysbyty Cynfyn (Village) (id=214)
Ysbyty Cynfyn (p) (Village) (id=231)
Ysbyty Ystwyth (Village) (id=36)
Ysbyty Ystwyth (p) (Parish) (id=193)
Ystrad Aeron (Village) (id=46)
Ystrad Meurig (p) (Parish) (id=28)
Ystumtuen (Village) (id=266)
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