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NamePlaceDate openedDate closedTypeOther names
AlltlwydLlanonsee Plas GwynHotel
Ashleys Aberystwyth (30-31 Marine Terrace)before 1934after 1960Hotel
Avondale Aberystwyth (13 Marine Terrace)before 1896after 1950Hotel
Bay Hotel Aberystwyth (35-37 Marine Terrace)before 1950c. 2014HotelY Bae
Belgrave Hotel Aberystwyth (Marine Terrace)before 1940after 1950HotelBelgrave House, Tŷ Belgrave
Belgrave House, Tŷ BelgraveAberystwythsee Belgrave HotelHotel
Bell VueCardigansee BellHotel
Bell Cardigan (4 Pendre)before 1850open 2016HotelBell Vue; Sailors Home
Belle Vue Hotel Cardigan (29 St Mary's Street)before 1850after 1893Hotel
Belle Vue Royal HotelAberystwythsee Belle VueHotel
Belle Vue Aberystwyth (23 Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth)c. 1824open 2017HotelBelle Vue Royal Hotel
Black Lion Hotel Cardigan (29 High Street)c. open 2019Hotel
Black Lion Hotel Llanybydderc. open 2017Hotel
Black Lion Hotel Tregaronc. NOT KNOWNHotel
Black Lion Royal HotelLampetersee Black LionHotel
Black Lion Lampeter (High Street)c. 1700open 2017HotelBlack Lion Royal Hotel; Y Llew Du
Blaendyffryn Hall Hotel Horebc. NOT KNOWNHotel
Cambrian Inn New Quay (New Road)c. open 2017Hotel
Castell Malgwyn HotelLlechryd (p)see Hammet House HotelHotel
Castle Hotel Aberystwyth (King Street / Marine Terrace)18651866Hotel
Castle Hotel Aberystwyth (South Road)c. 1907open 2017Hotel
Castle Hotel Lampeter (High Street)c. 1865open 2017HotelWhite Hart 1
Central Hotel Aberystwyth (Northgate Street)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Cilgwyn ArmsPontwellysee Cilgwyn HotelHotel
Cilgwyn Hotel Pontwelly (Pontwelly, Llandysul, Carmarthenshire )c. NOT KNOWNHotelCilgwyn Arms
Clarence Hotel Aberystwyth (Marine Terrace)c. 1832NOT KNOWNHotel
Cleeve Hill Aberystwyth (Victoria Terrace)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Cliff Hotel Gwbertbefore 1848open 2017HotelGwbert Inn, The Gwbert, Gubert Inn
County Gate Hotel Llanfihangel ar Arthc. NOT KNOWNHotel
Craiglais Aberystwyth (Victoria Terrace)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Deva Hotel Aberystwyth (33-34 Marine Terrace)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Fat Ox Hotel Cardigan (2 Pendre)c. 1906Hotel
Four Seasons Aberystwyth (52 Portland Street)c. open 2017Hotel
Glanaber Aberystwyth (Union Street)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Glengower Aberystwyth (3/4 Victoria Terrace)before 1934open 2017Hotel
Grand Hotel Borthc. 1946NOT KNOWNHotel
Gwalia Aberystwyth (North Parade)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Gwbert Inn, The Gwbert, Gubert InnGwbertsee Cliff HotelHotel
Half Moon Hotel Pontwelly (Station Rd, Pontwelly, Llandysul, Carmarthenshire )c. open 2017HotelHalf Moon Inn
Half Moon InnPontwellysee Half Moon HotelHotel
Hammet House Hotel Llechryd (p)1962NOT KNOWNHotelCastell Malgwyn Hotel
Kings Head Hotel Llandysul (Kings Street, Llandysul)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Marine Hotel Aberystwyth (49-52 Marine Terrace)c. open 2017Hotel
Penwig Hotel  New Quay (3 Penywig)c. open 2017Hotel
Pier Hotel Aberystwyth (Pier Street)c. 1883open 2017Hotel
Plas Gwyn Llanonc. 1985HotelAlltlwyd
Plinlimmon Hotel  Eisteddfa Gurigc. NOT KNOWNHotel
Ponterwyd Hotel Ponterwydc. NOT KNOWNHotel
Porth Hotel Llandysul (Church Street)c. open 2017Hotel
Queens Hotel Aberystwyth (Victoria Terrace)18661950Hotel
Railway Hotel Lampeter (North Road)before 1850c. 2005HotelRailway House; Troedyrhiw-issa;Tafarn Troedrhiw
Railway HouseLampetersee Railway HotelHotel
Richmond Hotel Aberystwyth (44-45 Marine Terrace)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Royal Oak Hotel Lampeter (High Street)before 1800open 2018HotelRoyal Oak
Royal OakLampetersee Royal Oak HotelHotel
Sailors HomeCardigansee BellHotel
Salutation Hotel Newcastle Emlyn (Bridge Street)before 1829NOT KNOWNHotelSalutation Inn
Salutation InnNewcastle Emlynsee Salutation HotelHotel
Sea Bank Aberystwyth (Marine Terrace)c. 1998Hotel
Smiths Hotel Aberystwyth (24 Great Darkgate Street)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Tafarn TroedrhiwLampetersee Railway HotelHotel
Troedyrhiw-issaLampetersee Railway HotelHotel
Victoria Hotel Aberaeron (19 Victoria Street/corner with Castle Lane)before 1861c. 2015HotelVictoria Inn
Victoria House Aberystwyth (Victoria Terrace)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Victoria InnAberaeronsee Victoria HotelHotel
Waterloo Hotel Aberystwyth (Marine Terrace / Terrace Road)before 1892NOT KNOWNHotel
White Hart 1Lampetersee Castle HotelHotel
Wilkes Head Hotel Pontwelly (Pontwelly, Llandysul, Carmarthenshire)c. NOT KNOWNHotelWilks Head
Wilks HeadPontwellysee Wilkes Head HotelHotel
Y BaeAberystwythsee Bay HotelHotel
Y Llew DuLampetersee Black LionHotel
Y Morlan Aberporthc. 1970open 2018Hotel
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