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NamePlaceDate openedDate closedTypeOther names
Black Cock Inn Synod Innc. NOT KNOWNInnPost-mawr; Synod House
Black Horse Inn Adparc. NOT KNOWNInn
Black LionAberystwythsee Gogerddan ArmsInn
Blue Bell Llandysul (1, Lincoln Street)c. NOT KNOWNInn
Castle Green Inn Lampeter (Bryn Road)c. 1881open 2016InnLlain y Castell
Conrah Chanceryc. NOT KNOWNInn
Cross Inn Cross Inn c. NOT KNOWNInn
DaffodilPenrhiwllansee Penrhiwllan InnInn
Devil's Bridge HotelDevil's Bridgesee Hafod ArmsInn
Dolau Aeron Aberaeron (Aberaeron)c. NOT KNOWNInn
Drovers Arms Lampeter (Bridge St)before 1833NOT KNOWNInn
Fountain Inn Lampeter (90 Bridge Street)before 18411931Inn
George Lampeter (High Street)before 1837c. 1865Inn
Gin PalaceLampetersee Royal GeorgeInn
Gin ShopLampetersee Royal GeorgeInn
Glan GlydonLlanonsee GlancledanInn
Glancledan Llanon (Stryd y Capel, Llanon)before 1851NOT KNOWNInnGlanclydan; Glan Glydon
GlanclydanLlanonsee GlancledanInn
Glebe Inn Llandrec. NOT KNOWNInnGlobe Inn
Globe InnLlandresee Glebe InnInn
Gogerddan Arms Aberystwythbefore 1700before 1960InnBlack Lion; Lion Hotel; Lion Royal Hotel
Gorrig Inn Gorrig (Gorrig Llandysul)before 1841NOT KNOWNInn
Greyhound Inn Llandysul (Lon Wesley, Llandysul)c. NOT KNOWNInn
Hafod Arms Devil's Bridge (Devil's Bridge)c. open 2016InnDevil's Bridge Hotel
Hetty's CavernYsbyty Cynfynsee InnInn
Inn Llandre (Llandre)c. NOT KNOWNInn
Inn Ysbyty Cynfynbefore 1769after 1830InnHetty's Cavern
Kings Head Aberystwyth (56 North Parade)c. NOT KNOWNInn
Lion HotelAberystwythsee Gogerddan ArmsInn
Lion Inn Lampeterc. NOT KNOWNInn
Lion Royal HotelAberystwythsee Gogerddan ArmsInn
Llain y CastellLampetersee Castle Green InnInn
Market Arms?Cardigansee Market House Inn (Ben Davies)Inn
Market House Inn (Ben Davies) Cardigan (near the Market House?)c. NOT KNOWNInnMarket Arms?
MedinasAberystwythsee TalbotInn
Miners Arms HotelPontrhydygroessee Miners ArmsInn
Miners Arms Pontrhydygroesbefore 1850open 2017InnMiners Arms Hotel
Morfa CottageLlanddewi Aberarth (p)see Plough InnInn
New Inn Dihewyd (p)c. before 1840Inn
New Inn Neboc. NOT KNOWNInn
New Inn Ponterwydc. NOT KNOWNInn
New Storehouse Inn New Quay (near the Quay?)before 1776after 1776Inn
OrangeryAberystwythsee TalbotInn
Pelican Inn Llandysulc. NOT KNOWNInn
Pen-bont Inn Aberarth (Aberarth)c. NOT KNOWNInnPenbont Inn
Pen-llain Inn Penparcc. 1902InnPenllain Inn
Penbont InnAberarthsee Pen-bont InnInn
Penllain InnPenparcsee Pen-llain InnInn
Penrhiwllan Inn Penrhiwllan (Penrhiwllan, Llandysul)c. open 2017InnDaffodil
Plasterers Arms Cardigan (41 Mwldan)c. 1914Inn
Plough Inn Llanddewi Aberarth (p) (Pont Morfa,)c. NOT KNOWNInnMorfa Cottage
Post-mawrSynod Innsee Black Cock InnInn
Red Lion Inn Ffos y Ffin (Ffos y Ffin)c. open 2016Inn
Red Lion Lampeter (18 High Street)before 18051938Inn
Red Lion Pontrhydygroesbefore 1860NOT KNOWNInn
Royal George Lampeter (Harford Square)before 18411908InnWine Vaults; Gin Shop; Gin Palace
Ship Inn Lampeter (High Street)before 1778c. 1845Inn
Star Lampeter (Unknown)before 1765NOT KNOWNInn
Sun Inn Aberystwythc. NOT KNOWNInn
Synod HouseSynod Innsee Black Cock InnInn
Tafarn y Bugail Llangoedmor (p)c. before 1884InnTafarn-y-bugail, Tafarnybugail
Tafarn-y-bugail, TafarnybugailLlangoedmor (p)see Tafarn y BugailInn
Talbot Hotel Tregaronc. open 2017InnY Talbot
Talbot Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street / Market Street, Aberystwyth)before 1700NOT KNOWNInnTalbot's Head; Orangery; Wiff Waff; Medinas
Talbot's HeadAberystwythsee TalbotInn
Tregroes Inn Tregroesc. NOT KNOWNInn
Trewern Arms Inn Aberporthbefore 18461911Inn
Ty'nyporth Inn, Tynyporth HotelLlanwenogsee Tynyporth InnInn
Tynyporth Inn Llanwenogc. 1986InnTy'nyporth Inn, Tynyporth Hotel
Union Inn Llandysul (Church St, Llandysul, Ceredigion )c. NOT KNOWNInnUnion Tavern
Union TavernLlandysulsee Union InnInn
Victoria Inn Lampeter (Victoria Terrace)before 18691925Inn
Wellington Inn New Quay (1-2 Wellington Place)c. open 2017Inn
White Lion Inn Llanonc. NOT KNOWNInn
Wiff WaffAberystwythsee TalbotInn
Wine VaultsLampetersee Royal GeorgeInn
Y TalbotTregaronsee Talbot HotelInn
Ysbyty Ystwyth Inn Ysbyty Ystwyth (Ysbyty Ystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNInn
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