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List all establishments (Off-licence)

NamePlaceDate openedDate closedTypeOther names
Alfred Noyes Aberystwythc. NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Biddulph's Aberystwyth (19 Terrace Road)c. NOT KNOWNOff-licence
David Lewis Burton Ale Store Aberystwyth (Vulcan Place)1864NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Gloster HouseCardigansee Gloucester HouseOff-licence
Gloucester House Cardiganc. NOT KNOWNOff-licenceGloster House
Golden Mortar, Chemist Llandysul (Bridge Street, Llandysul)NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Grimsby House Aberystwyth (8 Terrace Road)c. NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Leopard Vaults Aberystwyth (North Parade)c. NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Medical Hall, Chemist Llandysul (Lincoln Street, Llandysul)NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Melbourne HouseAberystwythsee Melbourne StoresOff-licence
Melbourne Stores Aberystwyth (16 Pier Street)c. 1860NOT KNOWNOff-licenceMelbourne House
Pontshan Stores Pontsian (Pontshan, Llandysul)NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Poole's Refreshment Rooms Aberystwyth (26 Pier Street)before 1866after 1874Off-licence
Rowland Evans Grocer Aberystwyth (35 Pier Street)c. NOT KNOWNOff-licence
William Scott, Grocer Aberystwyth (30 Little Darkgate Street)c. NOT KNOWNOff-licence
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