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Indecent assault witnesses

Source: Aberystwyth Observer 19/11/1896       Date: 1896
Copyright:       Type: Newspaper

GRAVE OFFENCE BY A TREGARON MILLER HEAVY PUNISHMENT. At the Winter Assizes at Carmarthen on Wednesday, Thomas Edwards, 41, miller, Tregaron, was indicted on the charge of having criminally assaulted Annie Emma Evans, the twelve-year-old daughter of Mr Thomas Evans, Medical Hall, Tregaron, chemist. Mr Lyn Evans (instructed by Mr A. J. Hughes, Aberystwyth) prosecuted. Prisoner, who pleaded not guilty, was undefended. Annie Evans said she had been in the habit for the past two years of going to music lessons to Werna which is a quarter of a mile distant from her parent's house. She knew prisoner since the time he came to the town. The first time she ever saw him he approached her, and asked her how she was. but he did nothing to her then. On Saturday, July 4th, she was going to Werna, when she met Tom (the prisoner). He threw her down and committed the offence, after which he told her not to tell anyone, She afterwards met Willie Jones, of the Lion Hotel. William Jones. Black Lion Hotel, Tregaron, said that on the day in question he saw prisoner on the roadside, about 150 yards away. He was on tiptoe, and lying against the hedge. When prisoner got up witness saw Emmie Evans under him. Witness went up, and asked Emmie how she was, and she smiled at him. David Jones, late of the Monarch Arms, Tregaron, said he was driving a horse and cart over the road in question, and he saw prisoner and Emmie Evans near Werna Gae. He saw them in the same place when coming back with the cart. They were then lying in the hedge. When witness approached prisoner got up and walked away. The girl stayed in the same place. Mrs Mary Margaret Evans, mother of the girl, said her daughter was thirteen years of age on the day after the committal of the offence. Police-sergeant Thomas, Tregaron, said he arrested the prisoner, who made the following statement "What Willie the Lion,saw was we were playing. She had taken away my pipe, and I was trying to get it back." Mr Howell Evans, chief-constable for Cardiganshire, said he saw prisoner in the cell on July 5th. After having answered certain questions, prisoner said: You cannot believe all that girl tells you. She is not altogether right. I am not the first person accused." Dr Evan Lloyd, Tregaron, said he did not think the full offence had been committed. Prisoner then addressed the jury. He said the girl had been coming to his house for the last two or three years, just as if she were his own daughter, and he was as innocent of the crime as any of the jurymen who were trying him. Concluding, he said - "As God is my Judge, if I am convicted you will have convicted an innocent man. I have been in prison already for four months, for a crime I have never committed." In summing up, his lordship said it was impossible that all the evidence given had been trumped up against the prisoner without foundation. The jury found prisoner guilty of an attempt at criminal assault, thus reducing the charge to one of misdemeanour. His Lordship, in delivering sentence said it was most lucky for prisoner that Willie Jones came up at the time he did, or he (the prisoner), would have gone further and carried out his purpose with the girl, in which case he would certainly have sent him to penal servitude. However, the attempt had been proved, for which he must be punished severely. He sentenced him to twelve months imprisonment with hard labour, bearing in mind that he had been already four months in prison.
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