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Shooting verdict

Source: Welsh Gazette and West Wales Advertiser 26/10/1899       Date: 1899
Copyright:       Type: Newspaper

LLANFIHANGEL SHOOTING CASE. Evan Evans, Innkeeper, Llanfihangel, surrendered to his bail on the charge of unlawfully and maliciously wounding William Morgan Wright, living at the Post Office, Llanfihangel, and a student at Aberystwyth College, on the 2nd September last. Mr. Stanley Griffith Jones (instructed by Mr. A. J. Hughes, Aberystwyth), appeared for the prosecution, and Mr. Lloyd Morgan, M.P. (instructed by Mr. Hugh Hughes, Aberystwyth) appeared for the defence. Mr Stanley Griffith Jones having opened the case, prosecutor was called, and deposed that on the night in question he was coming from Pentre Farm, accompanied by his sister. He heard a row in the village, and saw some people standing outside the Farmers Arms, occupied by the prisoner. He remained near the inn for a few minutes, and was then going into the Post Office opposite, and while he was opening the door he was shot in the right arm. The bullet penetrated through the fleshy part, and he saw a flash when the shot was fired. Cross-examined by Mr Morgan, witness said it was not very dark, but he could not distinguish anyone. Elizabeth Morgan-Wright, sister of the prosecutor, gave corroborative evidence, and also said she saw Evan Evans at an upstairs window, from which the flash was seen to emanate. Dr. John E. Hughes, Llanilar, described the wound received by the prosecutor, and said it could have been caused by a shot from the revolver produced. Lewis Powell, labourer, stated he came down to the Farmers' Arms on the night in question with prisoner s son. He was about going into the stable when prisoner came out, and wanted to know what lie was doing there, and told him to go away. Evans then gave him a push and a kick. Cross- examined, this witness said he heard two shots fired, and after that he threw stones at the inn. Margaretta Powell, wife of Evan Powell, who was in the Farmers Arms on the night in question, said she saw prisoner take a revolver from a drawer, and put it on the dresser. P.C. Thomas Thomas proved the arrest, and said when charged accused replied Yes, I did fire it, but had no intention of hurting anyone. I thought I fired over the heads of everybody. What I did was in self defence, as some young men that were standing outside threw stones through the windows and at the door. If I did wrong, there is nothing to do but suffer for it." The constable stated Evans showed him a small mark on the left side of his forehead, and also drew his attention to two panes of glass which had been broken. A number of witnesses were examined for the defence, and prisoner who gave evidence on his own behalf, explained the disturbance which occured, and said the stones were falling on his house like hail, and several windows were broken, he being also struck on the head. He then went upstairs, and fired the revolver twice, simply to frighten those outside. He was not aware until the following day that he had shot anyone, believing he had fired far above the heads of those standing below. The Chairman, in summing up, said technically prisoner had committed an assault, but there was no evidence to prove malice, which was necessary to convict on a charge of unlawful wounding. The Jury retired to consider their verdict, and returned in a few minutes, the Chairman stating they had been unable to agree on their verdict. They were, however, again directed to retire, the Clerk remarking that they could have until Saturday to arrive at a unanimous decision. The Jury again withdrew, and upon returning a few minutes later, the foreman announced they had found prisoner Not Guilty." Accused was thereby discharged.
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