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Theft at Victoria Inn

Source: Cambrian News 12/09/1890       Date: 1890
Copyright:       Type: Newspaper
Description: It's interesting that Hannah Jones is described as 'entire manageress' when she is just a 'Domestic Servant' in the census.

Larceny: Rachel Evans, spinster, Tolhir, Llanddewi Aberarth, was charged in four counts as follows-with stealing £6 in gold, the property of Evan Lewis, Victoria Inn, Aberayron, innkeeper, from a drawer in a bedroom upstairs at the Victoria Inn, Aberayron, between five pm on the 29th, and three pm on the 30th day of August, 1890. Also with stealing- a pair of silver ear pendants, value 1s, the property of Hannah Jones, domestic servant, Victoria Inn, Aberayron, from a bedroom up- stairs, at the Victoria Inn, Aberayron, between eleven pm on the 23rd and eight pm on the 30th August, 1890. Also with stealing a piece of Cavendish tobacco, value 3d, the property of Edward Francis, collier, a visitor, and staying at Victoria Inn, from a bedroom at the same inn on the 30th August. Also with stealing a five pfenning piece, a German coin of the value of about a half penny, the property of Hannah Mary Jones, domestic servant, at the Victoria Inn, between the 23rd and the 30th August. P.S. Phillips deposed to having apprehended the prisoner and finding the articles named on her person. Prisoner had been detained at the Lock-up from Saturday till Monday, when she was brought before T H Maddy, Esq, and remanded on bail till Wednesday. Mr Owen Aberystwyth, appeared for the accused. Evan Lewis, the landlord of the Inn, said that he had reckoned the money in the drawer on Friday morning and then the amount there was £ 30 10s. On Saturday afternoon the sum had fallen down to £ 24 10s. In cross-examination A lodger had slept in the room on Friday night.-Hannah Jones, who was the entire manageress of the Inn, said that she had extracted a tooth on Friday night. On Saturday morning, in consequence of the operation, she felt ill and had lain on the sofa for the greater part of the morning, leaving the accused and the little girl, Hannah Mary Jones, in charge of the house. She found that the money was missing about three o'clock in the afternoon, when she had occasion to go to the drawer for change. When she discovered the loss, she noticed that the bar of the lock had been turned, but not into its socket. It was visible outside. The drawer had not been rushed back to its place. It was right when she had left it. She found a strange bunch of keys in the next drawer, among which there was a key which fitted the money drawer.Hannah Mary Jones gave evidence in support of the identification of the pfenning coin, and Edward Francis identified the "stick" of tobacco, which bore his teeth marks on one side, and had a knife cut on the other. Mr J. T. Evans, Bristol House, gave evidence as to the good, character of the accused, and said that he had in the transaction of business with her on various occasions observed money in her possession ranging from £5 & upwards. The accused wished to be dealt with summarily. The Bench dismissed the first charge against her, but found her guilty of the other three and fined her £ 1 for each offence. The Court sat for several hours and much interest was manifested in the case.
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