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Drunk brandishing revolvers at the Blue Bell

Source: Aberystwyth Observer 09/01/1908       Date: 1908
Copyright:       Type: Newspaper

EXCITING INCIDENT. At the Aberystwyth police court on Friday morning, before Mr C. M. Williams, mayor, Mr Doughton, ex-mayor, and Mr H. J. Jones, Edward Worthington, 14, Vulcan street, Was charged with having been drunk when in possession of firearms on January 1st. Defendant. pleaded guilty and said that the two revolvers, which happened to be in the pockets of an old coat that he had put on that evening, were out of order and could not be used. The Mayor; Were there no threats ? Inspector Phillips said that there had been some complaints made and tile police had been called to eject the defendant from the Blue Bell hotel. Defendant would not go home and the police took him in charge. P.C. Davies asked if the Bench would hear the evidence. The Mayor: Yes this is not complete. -P.C. Davies said on Wednesday evening he received a telephonic message from Mrs Richards, of the Blue Bell, asking someone to go down at once. Witness went down and found Mrs Richards in the street. She said that defendant was in the house with two Revolvers in his hands, and she asked witness to eject defendant. Defendant was in one of the rooms, and a gentleman was trying to get him to go home. Defendant came out and said ti:at he was going for a certain man in the town. On the way home defendant said he Wanted another drink and called at the Unicorn Hotel, but here he was refused a drink. In consequence of defendant's state witness brought him to the station and locked him up. The Mayor: Especially after the threats. P.C. Davies: Yes, Sir. The Clerk Have you any question to ask. Defendant: No; but I did not threaten anyone. The Mayor: The Officer said you did. P.C. J. Evans said that defendant used filthy language when be came out of the Blue Bell, and flourishing the two revolvers said that he was going for a certain man. Witness advised him to be quiet, but defendant said he must have some more beer. He assisted to lock up defendant. Defendant: If I did threaten I was in drink; but there was nothing in the revolvers. The Clerk You have no ill-feeling against the man. Defendant: None at all. There is no ammunition in the town to fit those weapons but I was upset over my brother's case. The Bench considered the ease in private and bound the defendant over to be of good behaviour.
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