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Alleged Sunday drinking

Source: Cambrian News 29/3/1889       Date: 1889
Copyright:       Type: Newspaper

Alleged drinking on Sunday. Mary Anne Davies, Crown Inn Llwyndafydd, was charged by Supt. Williams on the information of P.C. James located at New Inn, Llangranog, with unlawfully opened the licenced premises for sale of intoxicating liquors during close time, to wit at 9.39 p.m. on Sunday, the 10th March. P.O. James said that he foundd three persons sitting in the kitchen of the inn at the time formentioned. There were two glasses on a small round table one partly full, the other empty He was not there to prove payment Mr Enos Davies, husband of the defendant, said that one of the persons who was at the house had called there on Saturday night, but he was in bed. He called again next day (Sunday) as he was leaving at 5 o'clock Monday morning for Glamorganshire. He wanted to see me particularly about some help which I had promised to render to him. The other two called to inquire about him because he had not been at chapel during the day. One of them often had dinner and tea with him on Sunday as a friend. Case was dismissed with the remark that there was not sufficient evidence to convict.
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