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Asaault over stinking herrings

Source: Cardigan Observer 21 Nov 1896       Date: 1896
Copyright:       Type: Newspaper

Assault Cases. John Rees, White Lion, Aberporth, charged Joseph Rees, fish merchant, Fishguard, with assaulting him on the 10th inst., in Guildhall-square. There was a cross-summons, and both charges were heard together. John Rees stated that on the 10th inst., he had a box of Aberporth herrings on sale, and that defendant brought his cart near to where he was stationed, in which he had herrings for sale. Complainant asked defendant if it was Mochros herrings he had, and instead of a reply he was struck in the eyes until he was blinded.
-In cross-examination complainant stated that there was a distance of about two yards between defendant's cart and his box. He did not tell defendant's customers that his fish were stinking, and that he had had them from Mochros neither did he invite them to purchase his fish as they had been caught at Aberporth. He did not catch hold of defendant's coat and push him.-P.C. Jones, Llechryd, stated that he witnessed Joseph Rees strike John Rees in the face, causing his nose to bleed very freely. He interfered, and put an end to the disturbance.
-In cross-examination P.C. Jones stated that defendant made for complainant the second time, and that he did not see John Rees attempt to kick defendant. Joseph Rees' case amounted to a contention that he was serving two customers, when John Rees interfered, stating that Joseph's herrings were stinking, and that his were fresh Aberporth, thus endeavouring to deprive him of his customers. He requested John two or three times to go away, but instead of complying he caught hold of his collar and shoved him. Having enquired what that meant he got a reply by way of a blow in the chest, which he retaliated, and got a kick on the leg.-Evan Evans, Upper Mwldan, stated that he was a herring merchant, and that on the day in question he heard John call out that Joseph's herrings were stinking, and saw him strike Joseph. He was about five yards- away. Joseph Rees was fined 10s and costs, and the case against John Rees was dismissed
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