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Source: Welsh Newspapers online       Date: 1903
Copyright:       Type: Newspaper
Description: Article in the Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard 30th January 1903

LLANON. TEMPERANCE. Temperance meetings, in connection with the Llanon section of the Aberayron District Association, were held at Bethania Chapel on Thursday, the 22nd January. In spite of the heavy downpour of rain, a large number of delegates was present from Penrhiw and Llanon. The Rev Morris Morgan (Swansea), of the South Wales Temperance Association, expounded the various clauses of the new Licensing Act. The main points brought forward were the following:That no one who holds shares in a brewery or a public house has a right to sit on the Bench when licences are granted or renewed, that Clerks to the magistrates can no longer be employed to make an ap- plication for a new licence, that one magistrate can not give an occasional licence that the same person is not to ask often for an occasional licence, that clubs have to close at a stated time, and have to present rules, list of members, conditions of membership, etc., in order that the police may be better able to supervise these places, that a club can not be formed in a house to which a licence has been refused and that the landlord, officers, and members of a non- registered club are liable to a fine. The speaker here quoted the testimony of Mr Willis Bund before the Licensing Commission, to show the abuse which has been made in the county of Cardigan of the power of granting occasional licences, that every house in a certain village, with the exception of the Chapel and the Church, held an occasional licence on a fair day and that a popular resort near Aberystwyth, once upon a time, had an occasional licence for 100 days in a year. The speaker also explained the new conditions under which the blacksters" must now live, and advised the audience to have faith in an Act which the trade begins to curse. Here the meeting resolved itself into a committee. The Rev Evan Jones, Llanon, presided. The status and aims of this local movement was explained in reply to the Rev T. D. Thomas and Rev W. H. Davies. It was resolved that public meetings be held in the near future and the Rev T. Lewis and Cledanydd" Evans were appointed to address the meetings at Llanon Rev E. Jones and Rev E. Evans (Penrhiw) at Rhiwbwys Rev W. Richards and Rev Evan Davies at Penrhiw and the two appointed at the Aberaeron meeting at Bethania. It was also resolved that notices be given to the holders of Cross Inn and of the Ship Inn, Pennant, that objections to the renewal of their licences would be made at the next licensing sessions at Aberayron. It was finally passed that the preachers and deacons should form local branches at their respective chapels with the district. At the evening meeting, the Rev M. Morgan delivered an address on the temperance movement. In the course of his speech, reference was made to the Home Office as a grand school for the conversion of our ministers to the side of the temperance party, to wit, Sir William Harcourt and Mr Ritchie, to the fallacy of the trade's motto at the last general election "Our trade, our policy," and to the unfairness of granting licences free, whereby the value of a house is often doubled or more.

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