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Details of pub: New Lamb Inn, Tregaron

Other names: Lamb Inn
OS Grid Ref: SN6791559805
Opened: c.      
Closed: NOT KNOWN       Type: Pub
Notes: 1869
"Mr Hickox, supervisor, charged David Davies, of the New Lamb Inn, Tregaron, with having brewed five bushels of malt without having given the usual and necessary notice to the excise authorities of his intention of doing so and with having neglected to record the date of his having brewed the malt in question upon a certain paper supplied to him for that purpose. The defendant pleaded ignorance. Fined £50 with a recommendation that the fine be reduced to £1" Aber Obs 30 Oct 1869

"REFUSING TO PAY SICK RELIEF. David Davies, New Lamb Inn, Tregaron, blacksmith, charged Evan Davies, of Tregaron, steward to the Tregaron Beehive Friendly Society, with having refused to pay him a certain weekly allowance from the funds of the society. The complainant being incapacitated through illness from following his ordinary occupation, and being a member of the society, claimed according to the rules of the society the weekly amount in question. Mr Miller appeared for complainant. Complainant claimed the sum of £1. 13s. which was alleged to have been due from the society to him as arrears of weekly payments from the 1st of December last. It was ordered that the society should pay the amount claimed, as well as a certain weekly allowance to complainant, also to pay 10s. cost." Aber Obs 28 May 1870

"Infringement of the Licensing Act.-David Davies, landlord of the new Lamb Inn, Tregaron, was summoned by P.S. Thomas Lyons, for having kept his house open, and allowed two men to remain there drinking after closing time, on the 22nd November. Fined 20s., and 10s. costs; the conviction not to be recorded on the licence" CN 6 Dec 1872

licensee: David Davies (Worrall’s Directory, 1875)

"David Davies, New Lamb, Tregaron, Was summoned by Mr. David Williams, clerk to the sanitary authority, for having on his premises a pigsty so as to be a nuisance. Defendant did not appear, and Sergeant Roberts said the man had had to leave the town, and therefore wished the case to be adjourned. Service of summons having been proved, the Sanitary Inspector said, a complaint was made in March last year that a nuisance existed on the premises of the defendant. The manure heap was then carried away, but the pigsty was not removed. A further notice was served upon him in February last, to abate a nuisance arising from a manure heap and pigsty. Defendant did nothing until the summons was served upon him, when he removed the manure heap, allowing the sty to remain. The pigsty was within fifteen yards of a house, and on rising ground, so that the liquid ran down into the house. Witness thought the nuisance injurious to health. The Bench ordered the removal of the pigsty within a fortnight. " CN 30 March 1877

"Drunkenness. D. Davies, landlord of the New Lamb Inn, Tregaron, was charged with having been drunk on licensed premises on the 29th ult. P.O. Evan Evans said that on the 29th he was passing the New Lamb Inn, when his attention was attracted by hearing a noise in the house. He went in and found defendant and another man (Morgan Rees) very drunk. Defendant cursed and swore at him for some time, the other man doing the same.- Morgan Rees, farmer, Pengwndwn, Lledrod Lower, was charged with a similar offence, he being the person who was in the New Lamb with the previous defendant. The constable said be was sure they were drunk. They became very violent, and both of them set on him and turned him out Davies was fined 5s and costs, and Rees was mulcted in a similar sum." Aber Obs 31 July 1880

"PERMITTING DRUNKENNESS. J. Davies, Old Crown, Tregaron, was fined 10s including costs for permitting drunkenness, on the 10th, and David Davies, New Lamb Inn, was also mulcted to the same extent for a similar offence, committed on the 17th" AO 30 March 1893

"Nuisance. Anne Davies, of the New Lamb, Tregaron, was summoned by J. P. Rees, sanitary inspector, Tregaron, for refusing to comply with a notice to abate a nuisance on her premises arising from want of a drain to carry away the slop and waste water from the premises. The complainant proved service of notice upon defendant. He said there was a drain there, and that he had tried it that morning, and it seemed to carry away the water all right. The offence was more in the way of not using the drain than to provide a drain. She threw the slops on the road, and not into the drain. Mr W. Jones observed that the notice was for not providing a drain, and the Inspector had admitted in his evidence that there was a drain there, and that it worked properly. The Bench, after some consultation, decided to dismiss the case on the ground that the notice had not properly defined what was the nuisance complained of." Cmn Jnl 28 Feb 1902

Sale Catalogue of the Tregaron town portions of the Sunny Hill Estate, Cardiganshire, comprising the Talbot Hotel, … the Red Lion Inn, Dolyfelen, …, the New Lamb public house.
Ceredigion Archives, ADX/424/11

Petty Sessions: Tregaron; number on list: 10; name of premises: New Lamb Inn; Parish / Place: Tregaron; Licensee: Davies, Anne; owner or tenant : owner ; registered owner : Anne Davies; free or tied: Free; tied to: [blank]; type of licence: full; on or off licence: on; number of licenced days per week: 6. (1905 list)
Lot 24 Rent £2 (inc. 2 dwelling houses)
The New Lamb public house, Station Road, 6 day licence
Leased for 99 years from 12.5.1869 to executors of D.Davies.
Sale Catalogue of the Tregaron town portions of the Sunny Hill Estate, Cardiganshire, Ceredigion Archives, ADX/424/11

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