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Details of pub: Boadicea Wine and Spirit Vaults, Cardigan / Aberteifi

Other names: Boadicea
OS Grid Ref:
Opened: before 1879      
Closed: after 1887       Type: Pub
Notes: 1879
"Transfer of Licence. -A temporary transfer of the licence of the Boadicea Wine and Spirit Vaults was granted from Mrs. Evans to Mr. Daniel Davies, of the Drawbridge Stores and Timber Yard" CN 28 March 1879
But..."Mr. Daniel Davies, Mwldan Wine and Spirit Stores, applied for a temporary transfer of the license certificate of the Boadicea," from Mrs. Evans. Granted" Cgn Obs 29 March 1879

Useful information about location:
"...From the evidence it appeared that the prisoners had been living at a lodging-house, in the Mwldan, kept by Elizabeth Evans, and on the evening in question Mrs. Evans went to the police station and requested that a constable might be sent to her house to eject Michael Hallard, who was drunk, and had threatened to take her life with a knife. P.C. Joseph Lloyd went down to the house, and succeeded in getting Michael into the street, when a rough-and-tumble fight occurred between them, and they both fell into the Mwldan, where the prisoner bit the constable on the forehead. The mark of the bite was plainly visible on the constable's forehead. With the assistance of Messrs. R. J. Roberts (son of Inspector Roberts), Stephen Morgan, and James Jeremiah, the constable succeeded in extricating himself and his prisoner from the river, and they then proceeded towards the lock-up by way of Pendre. When opposite the Boadicea public-house, the second prisoner, James Hallard, made his appearance on the scene, having come up from the Mwldan by the steps near old Bethania Chapel." Cgn Obs 31 July 1880

Xmas show, a Miss Whitney lived at Boadicea CN 24 Dec
For sale - see att.

Additional information


Boadicea for sale

Date: 1887