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Details of pub: Blue Bell, Aberystwyth

Other names: Old Blue Bell, Blue Bell Hotel
Address/Location: Corporation Street / 52 Terrace Road corner SY23 2AQ
OS Grid Ref: SN5835281862
Opened: before 1844      
Closed: 1978       Type: Pub
Summary: On the corner of Terrace Road and Corporation Street.

The distinction between the Blue Bell and the Old Blue Bell (the latter marked on a map of 1887) has not been established; all entries for both are included in this record.

This is one of only three pubs in Aberystwyth which were known to have issued tokens (Cox, Noel and Alan, (1994), The Tokens, Checks, Metallic Tickets, Passes and Tallies of Wales, 1800 - 1993)

This was a pub from at least 1849.
David Roberts, the Trefechan brewer, acquired it by 1892 and he leased it to John Richards as landlord. It was kept open under various landlords until at least the 1930s.
The building was occupied by Threshers/Victoria Wine at the end of the 20th century.

Notes: 1844
Blue Bell, Hugh Hughes, Corporation Street.
Pigot's Directory, 1844
Hugh Hughes, inn keeper
Hunt's Directory, 1849
H. Hughes
Slater's Directory
Blue Bell, Charles Williams, Corporation Street.
Slaters Directory, 1859
Blue Bell, Charles Williams, Corporation Street.
Slater's Directory 1868
William Edwards, son of Owen Edwards, hawker, was summoned by P.C. Davies for [drunkenness]. P.C. Thomas, who was called to prove the charge, said that he was on duty on the Marine Terrace, on Sunday evening last, and found William Edwards, the defendant, there, very drunk and noisy. He requested him to go home, but defendant, instead of doing so, began to curse and swear, saying he would never pay a fine again. Shortly afterwards witness was called into the Blue Bell Inn to turn the defendant out of the house. The defendant then went on along Terrace-road and ex- posed his person, besides committing a nuisance in that street. He was taken away by his friends. Fined 21s.
Cambrian News 13.8.1870
Stealing Money from the Person.—George Byron, grinder. Aberystwyth, was charged with having stolen the sum of 10s. from the person of Charles Lindsay.—Prosecutor said he resided in Skinner-street, and was a tinman. He was in the Blue Bell, on Wednesday evening last, with three or four others, and remained there several hours. He had above £2 in one pocket when he entered the house. Prisoner went into the house with witness, and they sat together. The money was mostly in half-crowns. Witness dozed for a few minutes, and on waking he found the room empty. He shortly afterwards missed 17s. or 18s. He could identify two five shilling pieces that had been marked. The money was in his left pocket and prisoner sat on his left side. The two five shilling pieces produced were his.—Wm. Dagnall said he was at the Blue Bell on Wednesday last, and saw the prisoner and prosecutor, with a female, enter the house. The prosecutor seemed muddled, and when he missed the money he told witness he knew the marks upon the two five shilling pieces, by which he could identify them.—John Edwards, New Market Tavern, stated that the prisoner discharged a debt at his house with a crown piece on Wednesday.—P.O. Jones said he apprehended the prisoner on the day of the robbery and searched him, finding one crown piece, 11s. in other silver pieces, and 8s. in copper. The other 2 crown piece he had obtained from the last witness. Prisoner said he was very drunk on the day in question, and did not know how he became possessed of so much money, as he had only 3s. 6d. in his pocket when he entered the Blue Bell.—Prisoner elected to be summarily dealt with, and the magistrates committed him to gaol for two months' imprisonment, with hard labour.
Cambrian News 12.11.1870
Mary Richards, Mrs
occupation: Public House
Blue Bell 52 Terrace Road
source: Post Office Directory, 1871

David Roberts of the Green, Trefechan applied for the renewal of lease of The Blue Bell, Corporation Street
Aberystwyth Town Council Minutes, 17.8.1875. Ceredigion Archives, ABM/SE/1/2

Mary E. Richards
occupation: Public House
Blue Bell 52 Terrace Road
source: Slater's 1875

Thorpe, Thomas G., occupation inn keeper,
house no.: 52 Old Blue Bell Terrace Road Old Blue Bell source Wales Register and Guide page 78
date: ..1878 1986.257.1 advert

Blue Bell, Tom. G. Thorpe, Terrace Road.
Slater's Directory of North and South Wales 1880

David Jones
occupation: Public House
address: Blue Bell Terrace Road
source: Kelly's trade directory, 1884

The ‘Old Blue Bell’ is marked, possibly indicating that it once occupied no. 50 Terrace Road
OS 50 inch map

1887 Owner bankrupt:"ADJUDICATIONS, &c. FIRST MEETINGS AND DATES OF PUBLIC EXAMINATION. David Jones, Unicorn Inn, Aberystwyth, formerly residing at the Blue Bell Inn, Aberystwyth and trading at the Blue Bell Inn and Unicorn Inn, Aberystwyth, innkeeper and letter carrier. First meeting April 1st, at 1 p.m., at the Town Hall, Aberystwyth; public examination April 1st, at 12.30 p.m., at the Town Hall, Aberystwyth. " AO 2 April 1887
1888 prop. Thomas Davies (advert)

Corporation, occupation:
from : to Roberts, David,
house no.: 52 Blue Bell Inn Terrace Road
source lease page
date: 2.2.1892 lease box no. 14.3 with lease plan

John Richards
Blue Bell Public House, 52 Terrace Road
source: Slater's 1895

'Blue Bell Hotel, Terrace Road, Aberystwyth, adjoining Promenade. The most central and popular house in the town, within a few minutes walk of railway station, royal pier, pavilion and cliff railway. Commodious lounge and smoke rooms. The best wines, spirits, bottled ales and stout kept at popular prices. All orders entrusted to me will receive my most careful attention and promptitude. John Richards, proprietor.'
Guide to Aberystwyth and Devil's Bridge – advert (with photograph), 1899

J Richards Public House
Blue Bell 52 Terrace Road
source: Bennett's Business Directory, 1900

1900 (about)
Richards, John, occupation Hotellier,
house no.: 52 Terrace Road, Blue Bell Hotel
source: Peeps at Picturesque Wales page 8
date: ..1900 (about) advert (see attachment)

Blue Bell 52 Terrace Road
Walter Jones occupation: Hotel not Walter Jones from 1917
source: Wales Trades' Directory

54 Terrace Road
Murphy and Rowley occupation: dentist
source: Wales Trades' Directory

John Richards
occupation: Public House
Blue Bell 52 Terrace Road
source: Kelly's, 1906

52 Terrace Road
occupier: not listed
Gross annual value: £ not listed
source: Duty on land values, 1910, Ceredigion Archives T/DV/2, page 87 no. not listed

Blue Bell Hotel - Terrace Road
Walter V Jones
1911 Census

Walter Jones
occupation: Blue Bell
address: 52 Terrace Road
source: Kelly's trade directory 1914

(Death. Mr John Richards an old inhabitant of Aberystwyth. Deceased at one time was the landlord of Bank Vaults and Blue Bell Hotel.
CN 5.2.1915)

To let. Blue Bell, fully licenced, tied beers only, present tenant 7 years; possession 12.11.1915. Apply D. Roberts and Sons (Limited), Brewers, Aberystwyth.
Unidentified newspaper cutting. NLW , Roberts and Evans, David Roberts of Trefechan; CB7/7
[Couldn’t find in newspapers on line]

TO LET, 16. Alexandra-road, Aberystwyth. Rent, £20, Immediate possession can be taken.-Apply 15, Alexandra-road, or Blue Bell, Terrace-road
CN 31.12.1915

Appears in list of tied houses CBV

"Aberystwyth Sessions. On Wednesday, before John Watkins and T. D. Harries, Esq., the licence of the Blue Bell, on the application of Mr. Trevor Hughes, was temporarily transferred from Mr. Hughes to Mr. John Fox, Bridgend Inn." CN 2 Nov 1917

Mr W. P. Owen applied for the transfer of the licence of the Blue Bell Hotel, Terrace Road, from Mr. John Fox (now deceased) to his widow, Mrs Fox. The application was granted.
Cambrian News 5.12.1919

Nicholls, T., occupation hotel proprietor,
house no.: 52 Blue Bell Hotel Terrace Road
source Anon, (1920), Programme of Infirmary Bazaar page 23
date: ..1920 AYB 39 advert

John Fox
occupation: Public House
Blue Bell 52 Terrace Road
source: Kelly's Directory 1920
[This shows that the directory was out of date].

Among the many freehold properties owned by David Roberts and Sons, 31.3.1926
NLW , Roberts and Evans, David Roberts of Trefechan; CB7/7

Surrender of lease, Messrs David Roberts and Son to Corporation,
house no.: 52 Blue Bell Inn Terrace Road
date: 9.3.1931 lease box no. 14.3

Blue Bell Hotel, 52 Terrace Road.
Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and District Trades Directory, 1948-1949

1978 closed
"Its last proprietor was Malcolm Harries who later became the Reverend Malcolm Harries. In the early 1970s it had a very successful football team called the Blue Bell Hatters, winning the Sunday league title three years in succession." (contributed by former member of staff)

Additional information


Corporation Street / Terrace Road, Aberystwyth, 50 inch, 1905



Blue Bell, Aberystwyth, 2009

Date: 2009 (approx)


Blue Bell, Aberystwyth

Date: 1902 (before)


1 1/2 d token for the Blue Bell, Aberystwyth



1 1/2 d token for the Blue Bell, Aberystwyth



The former Blue Bell pub, Aberystwyth

Date: 2016


50 inch map, 1887

Date: 1887 (approx)


Advert for the hotel

Date: 1888


List of Aberystwyth tied pubs Sept 1895

Date: 1895


List of pubs summonsed for using unstamped measures

Date: 1874


Drunk brandishing revolvers at the Blue Bell

Date: 1908


Drunk and committing a nuisance

Date: 1870


Death of Walter Jones

Date: 1915


2d. Pub token for the Blue Bell