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Details of pub: Royal George, Lampeter / Llanbedr Pont Steffan

Other names: Wine Vaults; Gin Shop; Gin Palace
Address/Location: Harford Square SA48 7DX
OS Grid Ref: SN5775948124
Opened: before 1841      
Closed: 1908       Type: Inn
Summary: The Royal George was situated where Boots Chemist shop is now.

Notes: 1841 Census
Evan Thomas, Innkeeper
1844 Pigot’s directory
Evan Thomas
1849 Hunt & Co. Directory
John Havard Jones, Agent for Guinness Stout
1851 Census
John Havard Jones, Wine & Spirit Merchant
1861 Census
Edward William Rees, Wine & Spirit Merchant
(or poss. William Edward Rees, according to a descendant)
"Selling Drink during Prohibited Hours.—Mr Edward William Rees, of the Royal George, Lampeter appeared to answer a summons on the complaint of Sergeant Roberts, with having unlawfully sold five quarts of ale during Prohibited hours on the forenoon of Sunday, the 10th of Aug. —In consequence of the absence of a witness named Jenkin Jones the case was adjourned till the next sessions." CN 29 Aug 1873

"Alleged Offence under the Licensing Act.-In an adjourned case an the complaint of P.S. Roberts against Mr Edward William Rees, of the Gin Palace, otherwise Royal George, Lampeter, for having sold five quarts of ale during prohibited hours (at half-past five o'clock on Sunday morning, Aug. 10th). Mr Griffith Jones, of Aberystwyth, appeared for the defendant.—Five witnesses for the complainant and four for the defendant were examined, and finally the Bench dismissed the case" CN 24 Oct 1873
Edward William Rees, innkeeper of the Royal George, Lampeter, declared bankrupt. London Gazette 1875.
licensee: James Morgan (Worrall’s Directory, 1875)
1871 Census
Edward William Rees, Wine & Spirit Merchant
1881 Census
Wine Vaults: Margaret Morgans, Innkeeper
"P.S. Lyons charged Margaret Morgan of the Royal George Inn, Lampeter, with selling adulterated gin on the 1st ult. Mr C. Millard appeared for defendant. The case was dismissed, in consequence of an informality in the summons.-The same complainant charged Eleanor Davies, of the King's Head Inn, Lampeter, with having, on the 1st ultimo, refused to supply him with a certain quantity of whiskey for the purpose of analysis. Dismissed in consequence of an informality in the summons"
A.O. 7 Oct 1882

"OBITUARY.—On Sunday the sad and unexpected news readied us of the death of Mr John Saunders Williams, who until lately had filled the post of head teacher at the Coedmore Board School, near this town. Mr Williams had been ailing for some few weeks, but not so much as to think that his ailment would so soon put an end to his life. About the beginning of last week he went over to his old home at Cayo for a change, where he died. He was married to Miss Jane Morgan, formerly of the Royal George Inn, Lampeter, whom he now leaves his widow. He was a good teacher, of a genial disposition, and a favourite with everyone. The funeral took place on Wednesday at the parish church of Lampeter." AO 27 Oct 1888
1891 Census
The Royal George: Mary A Jones, Innkeeper (Daughter of Margaret Morgans)
"On the application of Mr W. Davies, the licence of the Royal George was transferred from Mr D. C. Jones to Mr Thomas Griffiths" CN 11 March 1892
"Sale of Gin. — Thomas Griffiths, Royal George, Lampeter, was summoned for having sold adulterated gin to P.C. Thomas Davies, Aberystwyth, fifty-nine degrees under proof at Corner House, Station-terrace, on the 7th May.—Mr W. Davies (Messrs Smith, Owen and Davies) appeared for the defendant and admitted the offence, but said it was Dalis Fair day and the defendant very busy. It was also a first offence, and the defendant had only recently come to Lampeter.— The Bench inflicted a fine of 5s. and hoped it would be taken as a warning." CN 5 Aug 1892
"Cyhuddwyd Thos Griffiths, Royal George Inn Lampeter, o ganiatau meddwdod yn ei dŷ, ar y 2il o Ionawr. Dirwywyd ef i £1 a'r costau a rhoddwyd rhybudd iddo am y dyfodol."
Brython Cymreig 3 Feb 1893

"Lampeter Trotting Matches: The ladies' race attracted more attention than any other event. It was at first rumoured that the event would not come off through want of riders, but the appearance of Miss Ellen Jenkins (Gilfachyfran). London House, on "Kitty Wake" soon dispelled any misgivings on that point. Miss Martha Griffiths, Royal George, next mounted her steed, and her example was very soon followed by her sister, Miss Griffiths, on "Ally Sloper." Soon after starting Miss Martha Griffiths' horse, which had the least weight to carry, took the lead, with the others close at its heels, but it was generally expected that Kitty Wake would be even with it at the final, Miss Jenkins sitting her horse well and showing less timidity and more agility than the other two, and also keeping a firm hand on the reins throughout. At the last round, however, Kitty shied, and her rider had to pull her in a little, which allowed Miss M. Griffiths to gallop in first in grand style. Before Kittty Wake recovered her speed the elder Miss Griffiths had come up to her, and after a smart run home beat her by a neck, but as "Ally Sloper" had not gone round all the flagstaffs, the second prize fell to Miss Jenkins and Kitty Wake."" Cmn Jnl 14 April 1893
1901 Census
The Royal George, Thomas Griffiths, Cattle Dealer

Mr Griffiths's horse 'Fancy Girl' won 5s for 3rd place in a race at Llangadock Cmn Wkly Reporter 12 April 1901

"WEDDING.—A very interesting wedding took place at St Peter's Church, in this town, by licence, on Thursday, the 30th ult., the contracting parties being Mr David Jones, of Fron Villa, Tregaron, formerly of Alltddu Farm, Pontllanio, and Miss Martha Jane Griffiths, the youngest daughter of Mr Thomas Griffiths, of the Royal George Hotel, in this town, who is a gentleman well known on account of his former extensive business as a horse and cattle dealer throughout England and Wales. Miss Griffiths, who acted as her father's manageress of the hotel, through her amiable disposition, was very much liked, and had won for herself a large circle of friends, who on her wedding day came in large numbers to offer her their heartiest congratulations. The ceremony took place shortly after ten in the morning, when the bridegroom and bride drove up to the sacred edifice, accompanied by Mr Thomas Griffiths, the father, who gave the bride away. Miss M. A. Jones, Fron Villa, Tregaron, sister of the bridegroom, and Miss Evans, of Maespwll, cousin of the bridegroom, acted as bridesmaids. Mr Stephen H. Evans, auctioneer, Maespwll, cousin of the bridegroom, was the best man, and Mr William Davies, of Rhydderchlwyd, uncle of the bride, was also present." (further details omitted) Cmn Jnl 7 June 1901

Petty Sessions: Lampeter; number on list: 8; name of premises: Royal George; Parish / Place: Lampeter; Licensee: Griffiths, Thomas; owner or tenant : tenant; registered owner : Buckley Brewery, Llanelly; free or tied: tied; tied to: Buckley Brewery; type of licence: full; on or off licence: on; number of licenced days per week: 6. (1905 list)
Death & obit of Thomas Griffiths. See att.
"Interment. The funeral of the late Mr. Thomas Griffiths of the Royal George Inn whose death was announced in our last issue took place at Cellan Unitarian burial-ground on Thursday. A large number of relatives and friends attended to pay their last tribute of respect". The Rev. R. C. Jones officiated" WGWWA 13 April 1905
"A temporary transfer of the license of the Royal George Inn was granted Mr. William Griffiths, son of the late tenant" WGWWA 4 May 1905
"REES- June 26th, at Lower High-street, Bedlinog, Edward William, late of the .Royal George, Lampeter, aged 80 years" WGWWA 29 June 1905
The Chief Constable objected to the renewal of the licence of the Royal George. Lampeter the house had been closed since last October, and was referred by the Bench to Quarter Sessions. AO 13 Feb 1908
Licence refused – no compensation entitlement
(County Licencing Committee, 1905-1938 Ceredigion Archives, Cards/QS/L/1)

1917 "The Mayor called attention to the fact that a Lampeter boy (Mr. Edward Griffiths, son of the late Mr Griffiths, Royal George) had been awarded the D.C.M. medal for valour in the Royal Navy, and trusted that more local boys would receive distinctions."
CN 12 Jan 1917
"Edward Griffiths a signaller in the Royal Navy and late of the Royal George, Lampeter, who had won the D.C.M. in Gallipoli for continuous gallant service" CN 19 Aug 1918

Additional information


Compensation claim notice 1908

Date: 1908


Breach of Sunday Closing

Date: 1895


Death of Thomas Griffiths

Date: 1905

People associated with this establishment
Rees, Edward William [-]