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Details of pub: Crown, Aberaeron

Other names:
Address/Location: 21 Market Street
OS Grid Ref: SN4582962892
Opened: c.      
Closed: after 1886       Type: Pub
Summary: Meeting place of the Gomerian Benefit Society, established or first registered: 1851
(JD Pratt’s list, printed, no. 77, date of approval by Pratt 27.10.1851)

Notes: 1837 Phillips, David, (Petty Sessions, 1837)
1838 Phillips, David, (Petty Sessions, 1838)
1839 Phillips, David, (Petty Sessions, 1839)
1840 No Petty Sessions list
1841 Phillips, David, (Petty Sessions, 1841)
1842 Not in the Petty Sessions lists
1843 Edwards, William, (new) Petty Sessions, NLW MS 13867, 120, 30th August, 1843)
1844 Edwards, William, (Pigot's Directory, 1844)
1845 Edwards, William, (Petty Sessions, NLW MS 13868, 244, 27th August, 1845)
1846 Edwards, William, (Petty Sessions, NLW MS 13868, p. 292a, 26th August, 1846)
licensee: Edwards, William
Petty Sessions, Aberaeron, NLW 13868, 8.9.1847, p. 337
licensee: Edwards, William
Petty Sessions, Aberaeron, NLW 13868, 23.8.1848, p. 368
licensee: Edwards, William
Petty Sessions, Aberaeron, NLW 13868, 22.8.1849, p. 405
1849 Edwards, William, (Hunt's Directory, 1849)
licensee: Edwards, William
Petty Sessions, Aberaeron, NLW 13868, 21.8.1850, p. 441
1850 Edwards, William, (Slater's Directory, 1850)
1858 Edwards, William, (Slater’s Directory, 1858-1859)
1871 Census Mary Edwards, 28, Mar, Ale House Keeper (no named pub)
Taking summer visitors (recorded as 20 Market St) (AO 20 June 1874)
1875 Edwards, Mary, (Worrall's Directory, 1875)
1884 Taking visitors - named as 'Crown House' (?no longer a pub?)M Edwards
"THE ABERAYRON BENEFIT SOCIETY.-Tlie annual audit of the accounts of this Society was held at the Crown on the 30th January. It showed the following results That the number of members is 230; that the number of sick persons relieved during the year 1885 was twenty-three three members died; twelve new members were received. The monetary condition of the Society was as follows The value of the fund at the end of the year 1884 was £386 4s. 7d" CN 5 Feb 1886
1905 not listed
See also Mair Lloyd Evans and Mair Harrison, The Ins and Outs of the Inns of Aberayron, (2013), p. 15

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