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Details of pub: Maesglas, Dihewyd (p)

Other names:
Address/Location: Maesglas
OS Grid Ref: SN4854856009
Opened: c. 1733      
Closed: 1897       Type: Beerhouse
Summary: Listed in licensing records between 1848 and 1850, and marked on the the Ordnance Survey 6 inch map for 1891 as a Beer House. Not on 1905 25-inch as BH.

Notes: 1841-1847
Not listed in Petty Sessions list
licensee: Thomas, Esther
Petty Sessions, Aberaeron, NLW 13868, 23.8.1848, p. 368
licensee: Thomas, Esther
Petty Sessions, Aberaeron, NLW 13868, 22.8.1849, p. 405
licensee: Thomas, Esther
Petty Sessions, Aberaeron, NLW 13868, 21.8.1850, p. 441

Selling substandard rum. See att.

Death of Lic. Mary Evans

Licensee James Davies, wife Hannah.
Featured in complicated appeal at the Quarter Sessions over transfer of licence from Mary Evans (decd.)
"He admitted, however, that one half of the house (which was a thatched one and consisted of one storey) was occupied by bedrooms and the other half occupied by the bar and other rooms"
"The house in question was situated in the parish of Dihewid and had been a double licensed house for a period long before the oldest inhabitant of the place could remember. It was the only public house in the parish, and served the two adjoining parishes where there were no public houses, the nearest public houses being five miles in one direction and seven miles in another direction. The parish also occupied a very central position and during the year two of the most important fairs in the county were held there." CN 16 April 1897
[This originally arose when the Magistrates refused the transfer. Davies then appealed to the Quarter Sessions. He lost. He then appealed to the High Court which was heard in Jan 1898. In the meantime (Oct 1897) he was charged with selling drink without a licence "James Davies and Hannah Davies, Maesglas Inn, Dihewid, were charged by D.C.C. Williams with having sold ale and spirits at Maesglas, Dihewid, without having a licence to do so, on September 6th. The case was dismissed with cost-" CN 29 Oct 1897
The High Court referred the case back to the Quarter Sessions (see att)
The appeal at the Quarter Sessions failed (long report in CN 15 April 1898)
" The public house in question was called the Maesglas Inn and was situated in the village of Dihewid and had been in existence for a period of one hundred and sixty-five years. "
"Referring to the condition of the house, Mr Lloyd Morgan said it would not be saying too much to call it a mere hovel. It consisted of two rooms only in which there were bedrooms anid drink was supplied in those rooms."
"Thomas Jonathan, Voelallt, retired cattle dealer, said he remembered there being two public houses at Dihewid, but about thirty-five or forty years ago one was done away with. He had been in the habit of purchasing pigs in the district and be had found the Maesglas to be of great convenience to him. People met him at that house and sold their cattle. Other cattle dealers and butchers visited the house and transacted business in a similar manner. In his opinion it was necessary that there should be a licensed house at Dihewid. "

Additional information


High court hearing report

Date: 1898


Selling sub-standard rum

Date: 1883


Special licences for the fair, 1896

Date: 1896