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Crackdown on unlicenced beer selling

Source: Cambrian News 05/10/1877       Date: 1877
Copyright:       Type: Newspaper
Description: The Lampeter magistrates had a crackdown on unlicenced beer selling. Eight people prosecuted.

SELLING BEER WITHOUT A LICENCE. David Williams, Pwllquarry, was charged with selling beer without a licence on the 24th of August. The defendant was fined £2 for this offence on the 11th of March, 1873, and £2 10s. on July 11th, 1874. P.C. Denis Williams said, on Friday, the. 24th of August last, he called at the defendant's house in plain clothes. Went into the house with the vandriver between Aberaeron and Lampeter. The driver of the van and the officer called for two glasses of beer, and paid 4d. for it. The defendant's wife, a strange old woman, began to speak and continued to talk until the magistrates stopped her. Fined £10, and costs. Elizabeth Herbert, College-street, Lampeter, was charged with selling beer and gin on the 20th of August. Mr. Tom Lloyd, solicitor, said he appeared to admit the offence. He only asked that the defendant should be dealt with in the same way as the other defendants. Supt. Lloyd said that eight pints were paid for at the time the officer was in the house. Fined £10, and costs. Richard Rowland, Belle Vue, near Lampeter, was charged with selling a pint of beer on the 20th of August. Defendant appeared and admitted the charge without the slightest hesitation. Fined £ 4, and costs. Sarah Evans, Panteg, was charged with_ selling two glasses of porter on August 18th, without a licence. Defendant denied the offence. P.C. Phillips said that on the 18th he called at defendant's house and was supplied with two glasses of porter. On entering the house he told the woman that he had been told she kept a public house. She said that was false. She then said she was afraid witness would injure her. She then supplied him with two glasses and he gave her sixpence and told her to keep the twopence and perhaps he might call again for another glass. Fined £4, and costs. Jane Jones, White Lion, formerly a public-house, but now unlicensed, was charged with selling beer on the 18th of August. Mr. Edwards, solicitor, Lampeter, appeared for the defendant, who denied the offence.-P.C. Thomas Phillips said he saw two men enter the defendant's house. Followed them almost immediately. As witness entered the kitchen saw Mrs. Jones bring a jug of what seemed like beer. One of the men gave her sixpence. Witness then asked for a glass of beer, and defendant nodded affirmatively and went away as if to fetch it. In a minute she came back and said, We don't sell beer here, and I have only just been to fetch these men a jug of beer." Was quite sure defendant did not fetch the beer. She had a conversation with her son, and then she came and told him. The defendant was put on her oath, and said she did not know the officer Phillips, who asked for a glass of beer. Could not say whether he called or not. David Evans and David Jones called at the house. One of the men, David Jones, asked her to lend him B2 to pay for a pig. One of the men asked her for a bun and gave her sixpence. She gave him fivepence in change. She gave them a glass of beer each because Evans paid her a bill of 5s. 6d. Evans and Jones were customers of hers.-By Superintendent Lloyd She did sometimes sell beer, but not on that day. She did not fetch the beer for Evans and Jones herself. The men sent for the beer themselves. David Evans Caerau, Cellan, said he was in defendant's house on the day in question. Had nothing to eat there. Did not pay defendant any money. Did not call for any Beer, nor aid he see any money pass. David Jones might have paid for the beer, but did not see him do so. Went in to pay David Jones for a pig. Did not pay the defendant any money that day. David Jones, Esgerdawr Mill, said he was in defen- dant's house on the day in question. Went in about five minutes after the last witness. Had sold him two pigs. He was short of money, and he told witness he could get the loan of some money from defendant. Bought a bun of defendant gave her sixpence for the same, and had fivepence change. Some beer was brought, but did not pay for it. Did not know on what account the beer was brought us. Never had any beer there before. Cross- examined Had beer, but did not pay for it. Did not see the last witness pay defendant a bill of 5s. 6d. Fined £10 and costs. Thomas Davies, Fawnog, was charged with selling beer on the 24th Aug. without a licence. Defendant admitted the offence. Fined £2 10s. and costs.
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