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Theft from a customer

Source: Aberystwyth Times 05/02/1870       Date: 1870
Copyright:       Type: Newspaper

Stealing Money from the Person. -Susan Cromwell, an unfortunate and a married woman, was brought up in custody charged with picking the pockets of Mr Richard Jones, of Cyneinog, near Tre'ddol, farmer and cattle dealer, at the Sailors' Home publichouse, on the previous day. Richard Jones said that he was at the Sailors' Home Inn about noon the previous day, and was sitting in the bar, where the accused Susan Cromwell and another woman were also sitting and drinking together. He was under the influence of drink at the time, but knew what he was about, and all that took place there. He remained there about an hour. The accused sat on his left side on a bench; he had about £1 in gold and 15s. in silver, he believed, in a purse in his left hind pocket, and some silver also in his right hand pocket.' He went from the bar to a little parlour behind, and sat down there a short time, and the accused also came and sat by his side. They went to- gether from there again to the bar, and after remaining a short time he went out; and in a few minutes after he had left the house, while on the street, he found his money and purse missing. Jane Price, the wife of Sampson Price, said that she was at the Sailors' Home at noon the pre- vious day, and while she was sitting in the kitchen she saw Richard J ones and the accused in the back parlour together. She saw Jones standing and laying hold of the accused, when the accused had her hand in his left hand packet. Both remained there about a quarter of an hour. Then the accused went out through the front door. The witness went to the yard in company with the accused, when the latter took from her pocket 16s. 6d. in silver and coppers, and said to the witness, "You have not had a --- halfpenny this morning, and how I have taken this 16s. 6d. from that old block." The accused afterwards showed the money to witness and her husband after returning to the kitchen, and called for some beer for the company. The accused was in drink at the time, but knew what she was saying and doing very well. P.C. Thomas said that while he was on duty near the Town Clock, on the previous day, he saw the last witness and the accused quarreling, and in consequence of information he then received, he at once proceeded after accused to her room in Queen-street, and there charged her with stealing the money from a farmer at the Sailors' Home. He took her into custody; the accused then said, I have only a little of the money," and she threw it on the table at the lock-up. It was 12s. 9d. The witness then directed Miss Evans, the matron at the House of Correction, to search the accused. The prisoner having pleaded guilty, their worships, after a short consultation, committed her to Cardigan gaol for two months, with hard labour.
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