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List all establishments (Temperance)

NamePlaceDate openedDate closedTypeOther names
Adpar Coffee Tavern Adpar (Lloyd Terrace)before 1909after 1909Temperance
Barracks Mobile Cocoa Tavern Aberystwythc. 1881NOT KNOWNTemperance
Brynawel Temperance Hotel Tregaron (Station Road)before 1907after 1918Temperance
Central Hotel Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Cocoa House Aberystwyth (4 Chalybeate St)1879after 1918TemperanceTemperance House
Commercial HotelLampetersee Walters HotelTemperance
Eagle Aberystwyth (26 Great Darkgate Street)c. 1923NOT KNOWNTemperance
Gwalia Cocoa House and Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (8 Pier Street)c. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Hotel Bryn-a-WelAberystwythsee Hotel BrynawelTemperance
Hotel Brynawel Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street)c. NOT KNOWNTemperanceHotel Bryn-a-Wel
Howell's Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (21 Chalybeate Street)c. 18841887Temperance
James's Temperance Hotel, James's Commercial HotelAberystwythsee James’s Temperance and Commercial HotelTemperance
James’s Temperance and Commercial Hotel Aberystwyth (Mill Street)c. 1884c. 1890TemperanceJames's Temperance Hotel, James's Commercial Hotel
Morris's Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (20 Mary Street (now Lower Terrace Road))before 1854after 1886Temperance
New Bush Temperance HotelTregaronsee Temperance HouseTemperance
Northey's Temperance and Commercial Hotel Aberystwyth (21 Chalybeate Street)before 18881904TemperanceNorthey's Temperance Hotel
Northey's Temperance HotelAberystwythsee Northey's Temperance and Commercial HotelTemperance
Padarn Coffee TavernAberystwythsee Padarn Temperance HotelTemperance
Padarn Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (14 Great Darkgate Street)1885after 1897TemperancePadarn Coffee Tavern
Painter's Temperance Hotel and Eating House Aberystwyth (51 Upper Portland Street)1858NOT KNOWNTemperance
Pontfaen Coffee Tavern Lampeter (10 & 11 Harford Square, Lampeter)c. 1895NOT KNOWNTemperancePontfaen Stores, Coronation Stores
Pontfaen Stores, Coronation StoresLampetersee Pontfaen Coffee TavernTemperance
Pontwelly HousePontwellysee Twelly Side InnTemperance
Sambrooks Cardigan (Bridge St)c. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Star Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (11 Chalybeate Street)before 1898after 1900Temperance
Temperance Hall Aberystwyth (North Parade / Queens Road)18641895Temperance
Temperance Hall?Pontwellysee Temperance HotelTemperance
Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (Mill Street)c. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Temperance Hotel Llanilar (p) (Opposite the church)c. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Temperance Hotel Pontwelly (Llandysul Road)c. 1877NOT KNOWNTemperanceTemperance Hall?
Temperance House Aberystwythc. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Temperance HouseAberystwythsee Cocoa HouseTemperance
Temperance House Borthc. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Temperance House Llanon (Stryd Fawr, LLANON)before 1901after 1911TemperanceWellington
Temperance House Taliesinc. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Temperance House Tregaron (Market Square)c. NOT KNOWNTemperanceNew Bush Temperance Hotel
Twelly HousePontwellysee Twellyside InnTemperance
Twelly Side Inn Pontwelly (Station Road, Pontweli)c. NOT KNOWNTemperancePontwelly House
Twellyside Inn Pontwelly (Station Road, Pontwelly)before 1871before 1891TemperanceTwelly House
Victoria Coffee Tavern Cardigan (Priory Street)1883after 1910Temperance
Volk's Family and Commercial Temperance Hotel St Dogmaels (10 Castle Street)c. after 1896Temperance
Walters Hotel Lampeter (College Street)c. 1905c. 1960TemperanceCommercial Hotel
Waverley Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (2 Mill St)before 1895after 1960sTemperance
WellingtonLlanonsee Temperance HouseTemperance
Westminster Commercial Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (35 Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNTemperance
White House  Aberystwyth (6 Terrace Road)c. 1912c. 1915Temperance
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