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NamePlaceDate openedDate closedTypeOther names
Oriental Cafe Aberystwyth (16 Great Darkgate Street)c. NOT KNOWN0
Bear Llanddewi Brefic. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Beer House Llanbadarn Fawr (p)c. NOT KNOWNBeerhouseRoyal Oak
Royal OakLlanbadarn Fawr (p)see Beer HouseBeerhouse
Black Cock Trefilan (p)c. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Black Horse Llangoedmor (p)c. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Black Lion Betws Ifan (p)c. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Black Lion Swyddffynnonbefore 1851after 1861Beerhouse
Blacksmiths Arms Lampeter (High St (later Harford Square))before 1841after 1881BeerhouseSmiths Arms
Smiths ArmsLampetersee Blacksmiths ArmsBeerhouse
Blue Bell Llanarth (p)c. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Blue Bell Nantcwnlle (Llundainfach, Talsarn)c. 1909Beerhouse
Bwlchygwynt Ffair Rhosc. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Caradog Inn Gwnnws (p) (Tynygraig)before 18641883BeerhouseCaradog Arms, Broncaradog Inn
Caradog Arms, Broncaradog InnGwnnws (p)see Caradog InnBeerhouse
Cardigan Bay St Dogmaels (London Bank)c. 1907Beerhouse
Catherine Davies Beer-house Devil's Bridge (Smeltyn)c. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Cherry Tree Llanddewi Brefic. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Crowborough-Gate Inn Gwnnws (p) (Bwlchgwynt, Ffair-rhos)c. 1873Beerhouse
Crown Bach Lampeter (High St)before 1870c. 1880Beerhouse
Dolmeddyg Llangrannogc. c. 1850BeerhouseDolmeddig
DolmeddigLlangrannogsee DolmeddygBeerhouse
Drovers Arms Llangeitho (Llanio Road / Pen-uwch)c. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Fountain Inn Swyddffynnonc. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Frederick Hughes Beerhouse Llanfihangel y Creuddyn (p)c. 1869NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Glangors Llangybi (p)before 1885NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Glanmorllyn Inn Cwmtydu18841919Beerhouse
John Lloyd Beerhouse Llanbadarn y Creuddyn (t) (Henffordd)c. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Kings Arms Llanbadarn Fawr (p)c. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Mabws Arms Llanrhystudc. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Maesglas Dihewyd (p) (Maesglas)c. 17331897Beerhouse
Neuadd Bryn Glas Bontgochc. before 1900BeerhouseNeuadd-bryn-glas
Neuadd-bryn-glasBontgochsee Neuadd Bryn GlasBeerhouse
New Inn Llandysul (High Street, Llandysul)NOT KNOWNBeerhouseCrown Bach
Crown BachLlandysulsee New InnBeerhouse
Plough Llanon (Morfa Mawr)c. before 1874Beerhouse
Prince of Wales Borthc. 1864NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Raven and Bell Aberystwyth (Queens Road)c. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Rhiwlas Arms Cilcennin (p)c. NOT KNOWNBeerhouseRhulas
RhulasCilcennin (p)see Rhiwlas ArmsBeerhouse
Rhydgaled Arms Ystrad Meurig (p)c. 18481908BeerhouseRhydygaled Arms
Rhydygaled ArmsYstrad Meurig (p)see Rhydgaled ArmsBeerhouse
Rhydygwin Inn St Dogmaelsbefore 1881after 1901BeerhouseRhyd-y-Gŵin, Rhydygwin
Rhyd-y-Gŵin, RhydygwinSt Dogmaelssee Rhydygwin InnBeerhouse
Royal Oak Llanafan (p)c. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Royal Oak Llanrhystudc. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Sailors Home Aberaeron (8 Bridge Street)c. before 1866Beerhouse
Sarah Davies Llangrannog (Castle Rock)c. before 1881Beerhouse
Ship and Anchor Llangrannogc. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Step Inn Gilfachrhedac. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Tafarn Mariah Taliesinbefore 1841c. 1900BeerhouseTafarn y Frân, the Raven
Tafarn y Frân, the RavenTaliesinsee Tafarn MariahBeerhouse
Tafarn y Sarnau Bontgochc. before 1900Beerhouse
Tanners Arms Ferwigc. 1909Beerhouse
Thomas Edwards Beerhouse Ysbyty Ystwythc. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Ty Mawr Uchaf Ffair Rhosc. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
Weavers Arms Horeb (Horeb, Llandysul)c. NOT KNOWNBeerhouse
White Horse Cardigan (2/3 Chancery Lane)before 1835before 1881Beerhouse
Wooden House Inn Llanbadarn Fawr (p) (Aberystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNBeerhouseTycoed
TycoedLlanbadarn Fawr (p)see Wooden House InnBeerhouse
Allsopps Aberystwyth (Hampton House, Railway Terrace)18831896Brewery
Felinfor Brewery Llanon (Heol y Mor, Llanon)before 1837c. 1886BreweryAberclydan Brewery; Aberclydan Stores; Penarwel Club; Plas Morfa Hotel
Aberclydan BreweryLlanonsee Felinfor BreweryBrewery
Aberclydan StoresLlanonsee Felinfor BreweryBrewery
Penarwel ClubLlanonsee Felinfor BreweryBrewery
Plas Morfa HotelLlanonsee Felinfor BreweryBrewery
Kops Aberystwyth (London, Manchester and Birmingham)c. NOT KNOWNBrewery
Malthouse Trefechanc. NOT KNOWNBrewery
Malthouse, Bridge Street Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNBrewery
Malthouse, Skinner's Arms Aberystwyth (Pier Street)c. NOT KNOWNBrewery
Penlon Cottage Brewery New Quay (Panteg Farm)c. open 2017Brewery
Roberts Brewery Aberystwyth (Trefechan)c. 1844after 1950BreweryDavid Roberts and Son
David Roberts and SonAberystwythsee Roberts BreweryBrewery
Assembly, Ball and Billiard Rooms Aberystwyth (Laura Place)c. 1923Club
Conservative Club Aberystwyth (Eastgate)c. NOT KNOWNClub
Liberal Club Aberystwyth (p) (St James Square)1901NOT KNOWNClub
Masonic Hall Aberystwyth (Market Street)c. NOT KNOWNClub
RAFA club Aberystwyth (46 Bridge Street)c. 2013ClubRoyal Air Force Association
Royal Air Force AssociationAberystwythsee RAFA clubClub
Royal Naval Association Club  Aberystwyth (Market Street)c. NOT KNOWNClub
St David's Aberystwyth (37 Eastgate, Aberystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNClub
Students Union 1 Aberystwyth (Old Assembly Rooms, Laura Place)c. NOT KNOWNClub
Students Union 2 Aberystwyth (The Campus, Penglais Hill)c. open 2017Club
Ashleys Aberystwyth (30-31 Marine Terrace)before 1934after 1960Hotel
Avondale Aberystwyth (13 Marine Terrace)before 1896after 1950Hotel
Bay Hotel Aberystwyth (35-37 Marine Terrace)before 1950c. 2014HotelY Bae
Y BaeAberystwythsee Bay HotelHotel
Belgrave Hotel Aberystwyth (Marine Terrace)before 1940after 1950HotelBelgrave House, Tŷ Belgrave
Belgrave House, Tŷ BelgraveAberystwythsee Belgrave HotelHotel
Bell Cardigan (4 Pendre)before 1850open 2016HotelBell Vue; Sailors Home
Bell VueCardigansee BellHotel
Sailors Home Cardigan (4 Pendre)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Belle Vue Aberystwyth (23 Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth)c. 1824open 2017HotelBelle Vue Royal Hotel
Belle Vue Royal HotelAberystwythsee Belle VueHotel
Belle Vue Hotel Cardigan (29 St Mary's Street)before 1850after 1893Hotel
Black Lion Lampeter (High Street)c. 1700open 2017HotelBlack Lion Royal Hotel; Y Llew Du
Black Lion Royal HotelLampetersee Black LionHotel
Y Llew DuLampetersee Black LionHotel
Black Lion Hotel Cardigan (29 High Street)c. open 2019Hotel
Black Lion Hotel Llanybydderc. open 2017Hotel
Black Lion Hotel Tregaronc. NOT KNOWNHotel
Blaendyffryn Hall Hotel Horebc. NOT KNOWNHotel
Cambrian Inn New Quay (New Road)c. open 2017Hotel
Castle Hotel Aberystwyth (South Road)c. 1907open 2017Hotel
Castle Hotel Aberystwyth (King Street / Marine Terrace)18651866Hotel
Castle Hotel Lampeter (High Street)c. 1865open 2017HotelWhite Hart 1
White Hart 1Lampetersee Castle HotelHotel
Central Hotel Aberystwyth (Northgate Street)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Cilgwyn Hotel Pontwelly (Pontwelly, Llandysul, Carmarthenshire )c. NOT KNOWNHotelCilgwyn Arms
Cilgwyn ArmsPontwellysee Cilgwyn HotelHotel
Clarence Hotel Aberystwyth (Marine Terrace)c. 1832NOT KNOWNHotel
Cleeve Hill Aberystwyth (Victoria Terrace)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Cliff Hotel Gwbertbefore 1848open 2017HotelGwbert Inn, The Gwbert, Gubert Inn
Gwbert Inn, The Gwbert, Gubert InnGwbertsee Cliff HotelHotel
County Gate Hotel Llanfihangel ar Arthc. NOT KNOWNHotel
Craiglais Aberystwyth (Victoria Terrace)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Deva Hotel Aberystwyth (33-34 Marine Terrace)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Fat Ox Hotel Cardigan (2 Pendre)c. 1906Hotel
Four Seasons Aberystwyth (52 Portland Street)c. open 2017Hotel
Glanaber Aberystwyth (Union Street)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Glengower Aberystwyth (3/4 Victoria Terrace)before 1934open 2017Hotel
Grand Hotel Borthc. 1946NOT KNOWNHotel
Gwalia Aberystwyth (North Parade)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Half Moon Hotel Pontwelly (Station Rd, Pontwelly, Llandysul, Carmarthenshire )c. open 2017HotelHalf Moon Inn
Half Moon InnPontwellysee Half Moon HotelHotel
Hammet House Hotel Llechryd (p)1962NOT KNOWNHotelCastell Malgwyn Hotel
Castell Malgwyn HotelLlechryd (p)see Hammet House HotelHotel
Kings Head Hotel Llandysul (Kings Street, Llandysul)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Marine Hotel Aberystwyth (49-52 Marine Terrace)c. open 2017Hotel
Penwig Hotel  New Quay (3 Penywig)c. open 2017Hotel
Pier Hotel Aberystwyth (Pier Street)c. 1883open 2017Hotel
Plas Gwyn Llanonc. 1985HotelAlltlwyd
AlltlwydLlanonsee Plas GwynHotel
Plinlimmon Hotel  Eisteddfa Gurigc. NOT KNOWNHotel
Ponterwyd Hotel Ponterwydc. NOT KNOWNHotel
Porth Hotel Llandysul (Church Street)c. open 2017Hotel
Queens Hotel Aberystwyth (Victoria Terrace)18661950Hotel
Railway Hotel Lampeter (North Road)before 1850c. 2005HotelRailway House; Troedyrhiw-issa;Tafarn Troedrhiw
Railway HouseLampetersee Railway HotelHotel
Troedyrhiw-issaLampetersee Railway HotelHotel
Tafarn TroedrhiwLampetersee Railway HotelHotel
Richmond Hotel Aberystwyth (44-45 Marine Terrace)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Royal Oak Hotel Lampeter (High Street)before 1800open 2018HotelRoyal Oak
Royal OakLampetersee Royal Oak HotelHotel
Salutation Hotel Newcastle Emlyn (Bridge Street)before 1829NOT KNOWNHotelSalutation Inn
Salutation InnNewcastle Emlynsee Salutation HotelHotel
Sea Bank Aberystwyth (Marine Terrace)c. 1998Hotel
Smiths Hotel Aberystwyth (24 Great Darkgate Street)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Victoria Hotel Aberaeron (19 Victoria Street/corner with Castle Lane)before 1861c. 2015HotelVictoria Inn
Victoria InnAberaeronsee Victoria HotelHotel
Victoria House Aberystwyth (Victoria Terrace)c. NOT KNOWNHotel
Waterloo Hotel Aberystwyth (Marine Terrace / Terrace Road)before 1892NOT KNOWNHotel
Wilkes Head Hotel Pontwelly (Pontwelly, Llandysul, Carmarthenshire)c. NOT KNOWNHotelWilks Head
Wilks HeadPontwellysee Wilkes Head HotelHotel
Y Morlan Aberporthc. 1970open 2018Hotel
Black Cock Inn Synod Innc. NOT KNOWNInnPost-mawr; Synod House
Post-mawrSynod Innsee Black Cock InnInn
Synod HouseSynod Innsee Black Cock InnInn
Black Horse Inn Adparc. NOT KNOWNInn
Blue Bell Llandysul (1, Lincoln Street)c. NOT KNOWNInn
Castle Green Inn Lampeter (Bryn Road)c. 1881open 2016InnLlain y Castell
Llain y CastellLampetersee Castle Green InnInn
Conrah Chanceryc. NOT KNOWNInn
Cross Inn Cross Inn c. NOT KNOWNInn
Dolau Aeron Aberaeron (Aberaeron)c. NOT KNOWNInn
Drovers Arms Lampeter (Bridge St)before 1833NOT KNOWNInn
Fountain Inn Lampeter (90 Bridge Street)before 18411931Inn
George Lampeter (High Street)before 1837c. 1865Inn
Glancledan Llanon (Stryd y Capel, Llanon)before 1851NOT KNOWNInnGlanclydan; Glan Glydon
GlanclydanLlanonsee GlancledanInn
Glan GlydonLlanonsee GlancledanInn
Glebe Inn Llandrec. NOT KNOWNInnGlobe Inn
Globe InnLlandresee Glebe InnInn
Gogerddan Arms Aberystwythbefore 1700before 1960InnBlack Lion; Lion Hotel; Lion Royal Hotel
Black LionAberystwythsee Gogerddan ArmsInn
Lion HotelAberystwythsee Gogerddan ArmsInn
Lion Royal HotelAberystwythsee Gogerddan ArmsInn
Gorrig Inn Gorrig (Gorrig Llandysul)before 1841NOT KNOWNInn
Greyhound Inn Llandysul (Lon Wesley, Llandysul)c. NOT KNOWNInn
Hafod Arms Devil's Bridge (Devil's Bridge)c. open 2016InnDevil's Bridge Hotel
Devil's Bridge HotelDevil's Bridgesee Hafod ArmsInn
Inn Llandre (Llandre)c. NOT KNOWNInn
Inn Ysbyty Cynfynbefore 1769after 1830InnHetty's Cavern
Hetty's CavernYsbyty Cynfynsee InnInn
Kings Head Aberystwyth (56 North Parade)c. NOT KNOWNInn
Lion Inn Lampeterc. NOT KNOWNInn
Market House Inn (Ben Davies) Cardigan (near the Market House?)c. NOT KNOWNInnMarket Arms?
Market Arms?Cardigansee Market House Inn (Ben Davies)Inn
Miners Arms Pontrhydygroesbefore 1850open 2017InnMiners Arms Hotel
Miners Arms HotelPontrhydygroessee Miners ArmsInn
New Inn Dihewyd (p)c. before 1840Inn
New Inn Neboc. NOT KNOWNInn
New Inn Ponterwydc. NOT KNOWNInn
New Storehouse Inn New Quay (near the Quay?)before 1776after 1776Inn
Pelican Inn Llandysulc. NOT KNOWNInn
Pen-bont Inn Aberarth (Aberarth)c. NOT KNOWNInnPenbont Inn
Penbont InnAberarthsee Pen-bont InnInn
Pen-llain Inn Penparcc. 1902InnPenllain Inn
Penllain InnPenparcsee Pen-llain InnInn
Penrhiwllan Inn Penrhiwllan (Penrhiwllan, Llandysul)c. open 2017InnDaffodil
DaffodilPenrhiwllansee Penrhiwllan InnInn
Plasterers Arms Cardigan (41 Mwldan)c. 1914Inn
Plough Inn Llanddewi Aberarth (p) (Pont Morfa,)c. NOT KNOWNInnMorfa Cottage
Morfa CottageLlanddewi Aberarth (p)see Plough InnInn
Red Lion Lampeter (18 High Street)before 18051938Inn
Red Lion Pontrhydygroesbefore 1860NOT KNOWNInn
Red Lion Inn Ffos y Ffin (Ffos y Ffin)c. open 2016Inn
Royal George Lampeter (Harford Square)before 18411908InnWine Vaults; Gin Shop; Gin Palace
Wine VaultsLampetersee Royal GeorgeInn
Gin ShopLampetersee Royal GeorgeInn
Gin PalaceLampetersee Royal GeorgeInn
Ship Inn Lampeter (High Street)before 1778c. 1845Inn
Star Lampeter (Unknown)before 1765NOT KNOWNInn
Sun Inn Aberystwythc. NOT KNOWNInn
Tafarn y Bugail Llangoedmor (p)c. before 1884InnTafarn-y-bugail, Tafarnybugail
Tafarn-y-bugail, TafarnybugailLlangoedmor (p)see Tafarn y BugailInn
Talbot Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street / Market Street, Aberystwyth)before 1700NOT KNOWNInnTalbot's Head; Orangery; Wiff Waff; Medinas
Talbot's HeadAberystwythsee TalbotInn
OrangeryAberystwythsee TalbotInn
Wiff WaffAberystwythsee TalbotInn
MedinasAberystwythsee TalbotInn
Talbot Hotel Tregaronc. open 2017InnY Talbot
Y TalbotTregaronsee Talbot HotelInn
Tregroes Inn Tregroesc. NOT KNOWNInn
Trewern Arms Inn Aberporthbefore 18461911Inn
Tynyporth Inn Llanwenogc. 1986InnTy'nyporth Inn, Tynyporth Hotel
Ty'nyporth Inn, Tynyporth HotelLlanwenogsee Tynyporth InnInn
Union Inn Llandysul (Church St, Llandysul, Ceredigion )c. NOT KNOWNInnUnion Tavern
Union TavernLlandysulsee Union InnInn
Victoria Inn Lampeter (Victoria Terrace)before 18691925Inn
Wellington Inn New Quay (1-2 Wellington Place)c. open 2017Inn
White Lion Inn Llanonc. NOT KNOWNInn
Ysbyty Ystwyth Inn Ysbyty Ystwyth (Ysbyty Ystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNInn
Enos George Llangoedmor (p)before 1851NOT KNOWNMalthouse
Malthouse Llechrydc. NOT KNOWNMalthouse
Sarah Griffiths Cardiganafter 1847NOT KNOWNMalthouse
Alfred Noyes Aberystwythc. NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Biddulph's Aberystwyth (19 Terrace Road)c. NOT KNOWNPub
D M Jenkins Druggist Newcastle Emlyn (Medical Hall, Market Place, Cenarth, Newcastle in Emlyn)c. NOT KNOWNOff-licence
David Lewis Burton Ale Store Aberystwyth (Vulcan Place)1864NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Gloucester House Cardiganc. NOT KNOWNOff-licenceGloster House
Gloster HouseCardigansee Gloucester HouseOff-licence
Golden Mortar, Chemist Llandysul (Bridge Street, Llandysul)NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Grimsby House Aberystwyth (8 Terrace Road)c. NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Leopard Vaults Aberystwyth (North Parade)c. NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Medical Hall, Chemist Llandysul (Lincoln Street, Llandysul)NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Melbourne Stores Aberystwyth (16 Pier Street)c. 1860NOT KNOWNOff-licenceMelbourne House
Melbourne HouseAberystwythsee Melbourne StoresOff-licence
Pontshan Stores Pontsian (Pontshan, Llandysul)NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Poole's Refreshment Rooms Aberystwyth (26 Pier Street)before 1866after 1874Off-licence
Rowland Evans Grocer Aberystwyth (35 Pier Street)c. NOT KNOWNOff-licence
William Scott, Grocer Aberystwyth (30 Little Darkgate Street)c. NOT KNOWNOff-licence
Aberaeron Uchaf Inn Aberaeron (South Road)before 1730c. 1802Pub
Aberstrincell Llanon (Craiglas, Llanon, Llansantffraed)before 1841NOT KNOWNPubLime Kiln Arms
Lime Kiln ArmsLlanonsee AberstrincellPub
Academy Aberystwythc. 2000open 2017Pub
Aeron Arms Aberaeron (unknown)c. 1849NOT KNOWNPubClarence
ClarenceAberaeronsee Aeron ArmsPub
Albion Aberystwyth (Princess Street / 9 St James Square)before 1859c. 1970PubAlbion Inn; Albion Hotel
Albion InnAberystwythsee AlbionPub
Albion HotelAberystwythsee AlbionPub
Albion Cardigan (Market Lane)before 1830NOT KNOWNPub
Aldergate Ystrad Aeron (Felinfach, Llanfihangel Ystrad)before 18771929Pub
Alltyblacca Arms Llanwenogc. after 1964PubAllt-y-blaca Arms
Allt-y-blaca ArmsLlanwenogsee Alltyblacca ArmsPub
Alltyroden Arms Pontsianc. NOT KNOWNPub
Alltyrodyn Arms Rhydowen (Rhydowen, Llandysul, Ceredigion )before 1816NOT KNOWNPubAlltyrodin Arms; Alltrodyn Arms Allt-yr-odyn
Alltyrodin ArmsRhydowensee Alltyrodyn ArmsPub
Alltrodyn Arms Allt-yr-odynRhydowensee Alltyrodyn ArmsPub
Ancient Briton Cardigan (Bridge Street, Cardigan)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Angel Aberystwyth (6 Church Street / 57-59 Great Darkgate St / St James Square )before 1769open 2017Pub
Angel Lampeterc. NOT KNOWNPub
Angel Llanarth (p) (Llanarth)c. 1847Pub
Angel Llandysul (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Angel New Quayc. before 1930Pub
Angel Newcastle Emlynbefore 1830before 1880Pub
Angel Hotel Cardigan (36 St Mary Street)before 1794open 2017Pub
Angel Inn Aberaeron (26 Alban Square)c. before 1890PubAngel Hotel
Angel HotelAberaeronsee Angel InnPub
Angel Inn Cardigan (12 Pendre )before 1851after 1871Pub
Australian Vaults Aberystwyth (Princess Street)before 1870after 1876PubAustralia Vaults
Australia VaultsAberystwythsee Australian VaultsPub
Bar 46 Aberystwyth (46 Bridge Street)2016open 2017Pub
Baravin Aberystwyth (1 Llys Y Brenin, Terrace Road)c. open 2017Pub
Barley Mow Lampeter (Barley Mow)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Beach Hotel Aberaeron1907c. 1934Pub
Bear Llanfihangel y Creuddyn (p)before 1871after 1891Pub
Bear Inn Cardigan (22 Pwllhai)before 1861c. 1907Pub
Bear Inn Pontrhydygroes (Levelfawr)before 18631896Pub
Beehive Trefechanbefore 1853after 1871Pub
Beer House Trefechanc. NOT KNOWNPub
Beer Shop, Moor Street Aberystwyth (Cambrian Street, formerly Moor Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Belle Vue New Innbefore 1875after 1875Pub
Belle Vue New Quaybefore 1868before 1905Pub
Belmont House Llansantffraed (p) (Bridge Street, Llanon)before 1905after 1905Pub
Black Bull Aberystwyth (Mary Street (now lower Terrace Road))before 1865after 1868Pub
Black Bull Cardigan (Mary Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Black Cock Mydroilync. NOT KNOWNPub
Black Horse Blaenporthbefore 1841before 1861Pub
Black Horse Cardigan (13 Pendre)before 1835after 1878Pub
Black Horse Cwm Tylwdc. NOT KNOWNPub
Black Horse Goginanbefore 1858NOT KNOWNPub
Black Horse Melindwr (p)before 1875before 1905Pub
Black Horse Trefechanbefore 1837after 1948PubTy Ceffyl Du
Ty Ceffyl DuTrefechansee Black HorsePub
Black Horse 2 Cardiganc. NOT KNOWNPub
Black Horse,  Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)before 1844NOT KNOWNPub
Black Lion Aberaeron (31 Alban Square)c. open 2023PubLlew Du
Llew DuAberaeronsee Black LionPub
Black Lion Aberaeron (Alban Square)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Black Lion Aberaeron (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Black Lion Llanarth (Rhydlydan)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Black Lion Llanbadarn Fawrc. open 2017Pub
Black Lion Llanbadarn Trefeglwysc. NOT KNOWNPub
Black Lion Llanddewi Brefic. NOT KNOWNPub
Black Lion Llanrhystud Mefenydd (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Black Lion New Quay (Pengeulan)c. open 2017Pub
Black Lion Newcastle Emlynbefore 1830NOT KNOWNPub
Black Lion Pennantc. 18511920Pub
Black Lion Ystrad Aeronc. NOT KNOWNPub
Black Lion Hotel Pontrhydfendigaidc. open 2017Pub
Black Lion Hotel Talybontbefore 1846open 2017PubLlew Du; Gwesty'r Llew Du
Llew DuTalybontsee Black Lion HotelPub
Gwesty'r Llew DuTalybontsee Black Lion HotelPub
Black Lion Inn Derwenlasc. open 2017Pub
Black Lion Inn Llandrebefore 1841c. 1917Pub
Black Lion Inn Llangrannogc. NOT KNOWNPub
Black Lion Inn Llanrhystudc. open 2018Pub
Black Lion Inn Newcastle Emlync. NOT KNOWNPub
Black Lion Inn Ysbyty Ystwyth (Pont-y-Berws, Pontrhydygroes)before 18811930PubBlack Lion Hotel, Pontrhydygroes
Black Lion Hotel, PontrhydygroesYsbyty Ystwythsee Black Lion InnPub
Black Swan Aberystwyth (Butchers Market)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Blaencelyn Inn Llangrannogc. after 1908Pub
Blaize Castle Lampeterc. NOT KNOWNPub
Blue Anchor Cardigan (Mwldan)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Blue Bell Aberystwyth (Corporation Street / 52 Terrace Road corner)before 18441978PubOld Blue Bell, Blue Bell Hotel
Old Blue Bell, Blue Bell HotelAberystwythsee Blue BellPub
Blue Bell Cardigan (Pwllhai)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Blue Bell Cardigan (St Mary's Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Blue Bell New Quay (South John Street)c. NOT KNOWNPubNew Quay Hotel
New Quay HotelNew Quaysee Blue BellPub
Blue Bell Newcastle Emlynbefore 1830NOT KNOWNPub
Blue Bell Ystrad Aeronc. NOT KNOWNPub
Blue Lion New Quay (Glanmor Terrace)c. NOT KNOWNPubNew Storehouse; The Blue
New StorehouseNew Quaysee Blue LionPub
The BlueNew Quaysee Blue LionPub
Boadicea Wine and Spirit Vaults Cardiganbefore 1879after 1887PubBoadicea
BoadiceaCardigansee Boadicea Wine and Spirit VaultsPub
Boar Aberystwyth (King Street)c. after 1822Pub
Boars Head Aberystwyth (Queen's Road, Aberystwyth)before 1840c. 2001Pub
Boars Head Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Boars Head New Quayc. NOT KNOWNPub
Boot and Shoe Llansantffraed (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Bottle Bar Aberystwyth (19 Bridge Street)c. 1998c. 2000Pub
Bridge End Arms Cardigan (Bridgend)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Bridge End Inn Llanddewi Brefic. NOT KNOWNPub
Bridge End Inn Trefechan (Penparcau Road)c. NOT KNOWNPubBridgend Inn, Bridge Inn Aberystwyth
Bridgend Inn, Bridge Inn AberystwythTrefechansee Bridge End InnPub
Bridge Inn Aberystwyth (12 Bridge Street)before 1837NOT KNOWNPub
Bristol Arms Tregaronc. NOT KNOWNPub
Britannia Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)c. after 1875Pub
Brynamlwg Llanbadarn Fawr (p) (Cefn Llan)c. open 2017Pub
Brynbwa Arms Cardigan (45 Castle Street)c. NOT KNOWNPubBrynbua Arms
Brynbua ArmsCardigansee Brynbwa ArmsPub
Brynhoffnant Inn Brynhoffnantc. 2017Pub
Brynog Arms Ystrad Aeronbefore 1880NOT KNOWNPubLloyd Jack Arms
Lloyd Jack ArmsYstrad Aeronsee Brynog ArmsPub
Buck Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street)before 1800NOT KNOWNPub
Bull Llanrhystudc. NOT KNOWNPub
Bull and Mouth Aberystwyth (55 Terrace Road)before 18301871Pub
Bulls Head Inn Llanilar (p)c. 18771884Pub
Bumper  Lampeter (Cae'r Castell)c. c. 1822Pub
Bunch of Grapes Cardigan (Pendre)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Butchers Arms Aberaeron (Newfoundland )c. NOT KNOWNPub
Butchers Arms Aberystwyth (Butcher's Market / St James's Square)before 1837before 1901Pub
Butchers Arms Cardigan (Various locations)c. after 1848Pub
Butchers Arms Llanarth (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Butchers Arms Llandysul (Abercerdyn)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Butchers Arms Newcastle Emlynbefore 1844before 1880Pub
Cadwgan Arms Aberaeron (3 Cadwgan Place / 10 Market Street)c. open 2017PubWine Vaults
Wine VaultsAberaeronsee Cadwgan ArmsPub
Cambria House Aberaeron (Sheep Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Cambrian Hotel Aberystwyth (Lewis Terrace (Alexandra Road))before 1867open 2017PubCommercial Inn; Commercial Hotel, Railway Inn, Commercial Vaults
Commercial InnAberystwythsee Cambrian HotelPub
Commercial Hotel, Railway Inn, Commercial VaultsAberystwythsee Cambrian HotelPub
Cambrian Hotel Borth (Princess Street / Cambrian Terrace)1865NOT KNOWNPubGrand Hotel, Pantyfedwen
Grand Hotel, PantyfedwenBorthsee Cambrian HotelPub
Cambrian Inn Aberaeron (23 Tabernacle Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Cambrian Inn Aberystwyth (North Parade)before 1865after 1874Pub
Cambrian Inn Borthc. NOT KNOWNPub
Cambrian Inn Cardigan (1 Cambrian Quay)c. 1905Pub
Canolfan y Celfyddydau / Arts Centre Aberystwythc. open 2017Pub
Cardigan Arms Cardigan (1 College Row)c. 1925Pub
Cardigan Arms Llechrydbefore 1846open 2017PubSeven Stars, Saith Seren
Seven Stars, Saith SerenLlechrydsee Cardigan ArmsPub
Cardigan Bay Cardigan (Mwldan)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Carpenters Arms Aberaeron (Newfoundland)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Carpenters Arms Aberystwyth ((36) Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Carpenters Arms Cardigan (Market Lane)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Carpenters Arms Henfynyw (p) (Penlon)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Carpenters Arms Llechrydc. before 2017Pub
Carpenters' Arms Aberystwyth (North Road (south end))c. 1876NOT KNOWNPub
Castell Howell Arms Pontsianc. open 2017PubTafarn Bach; Castell Hywel Arms; Castle Howell
Tafarn BachPontsiansee Castell Howell ArmsPub
Castell Hywel ArmsPontsiansee Castell Howell ArmsPub
Castle HowellPontsiansee Castell Howell ArmsPub
Castle Cardigan (Old Market Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Castle Llansantffraed (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Castle Newcastle Emlynbefore 1830before 1880Pub
Castle Trefechanc. NOT KNOWNPub
Castle Arms Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Castle Arms Cardigan (2 Green Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Castle Arms 2 Cardigan (Castle Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Castle Arms Inn Penbontrhydybeddauc. NOT KNOWNPub
Castle Green Aberaeron (later a house called Awelon)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Castle Hotel Aberaeron (22 Market Street (Corner with Bridge Street) )c. open 2017Pub
Castle Inn Aberystwyth (King Street)c. after 1837Pub
Castle Inn Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)1858c. 1875Pub
Castle Inn Cardigan (Castle Street, Bridgend)before 1842open 2017Pub
Castle Inn Cardigan (Market Lane)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Castle Inn Llanonbefore 1841after 1911Pub
Castle Inn New Quay (Church Street / Mason Square)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Castle Inn 3 Cardigan (2 High Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Cause Castle Inn Aberystwyth (Pier Street)before 1858after 1859PubCause and Castle
Cause and CastleAberystwythsee Cause Castle InnPub
Cefnhafod Inn Gorsgoch (Gorsgoch)c. open 2016Pub
Cellar Bar Cardigan (24-26 Quay Street)c. 2005open 2017Pub
Central Hotel Aberystwyth (47-51 Terrace Road / Portland Street corner)before 1872open 2017PubTourist Hotel; Garners; Bar Essential; Salt; Coffee #1
Tourist HotelAberystwythsee Central HotelPub
GarnersAberystwythsee Central HotelPub
Bar EssentialAberystwythsee Central HotelPub
SaltAberystwythsee Central HotelPub
Coffee #1Aberystwythsee Central HotelPub
Central Hotel Llanon (Stryd Fawr)before 18352015PubSun Inn; Penrheol
Sun InnLlanonsee Central HotelPub
PenrheolLlanonsee Central HotelPub
Chain and Anchor Aberystwyth (Shipbuilders Row (25 South Road))before 1857c. 1906Pub
Chambers Wine Bar Cardigan (Ty Mawr, High Street)19881990Pub
Chancery Llanychaearn (p) (Chancery)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Cilgwyn Arms Llandyfriog (Pen-walk)c. 1911PubYe Cilgwyn Arms
Ye Cilgwyn ArmsLlandyfriogsee Cilgwyn ArmsPub
Cilgwyn Arms Llandysul (Bridge St, Llandysul)c. open 2017Pub
Cilgwyn Bach Llandysulc. NOT KNOWNPub
Clarence Inn Cwrt Newyddc. 1907Pub
Clettwr Arms Pontsian (Pontsian, Llandysul, Ceredigion )c. 1917PubCletwr Arms, Cwrtygwybed
Cletwr Arms, CwrtygwybedPontsiansee Clettwr ArmsPub
Clock Cribync. NOT KNOWNPubClock Inn, Clock Tavern
Clock Inn, Clock TavernCribynsee ClockPub
Clothiers Arms Pennantc. NOT KNOWNPub
Cnwcylili Arms New Quayc. after 1905PubCnwc-y-lili Arms, Crwe-y-lili
Cnwc-y-lili Arms, Crwe-y-liliNew Quaysee Cnwcylili ArmsPub
Coach and Horses Aberystwyth (Little Darkgate Street (now East Gate))c. NOT KNOWNPub
Coach and Horses Cardigan (Rhydyfuwch)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Coachbuilders Arms Aberystwyth (18 Cambrian Place)before 18511914Pub
Coedmore Arms Adpar (Trefhedyn)c. after 1861Pub
College Arms Ystrad Meurig (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Commercial Cardigan (Quay Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Commercial Hotel Aberystwyth (High Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Commercial Hotel Cardigan ( 50 Pendre)c. open 2019PubSwan Hotel?
Swan Hotel?Cardigansee Commercial HotelPub
Commercial Inn Cilcenninbefore 1871before 2006Pub
Consti Aberystwyth (Constitution Hill)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Coopers Arms Aberystwyth (Llanbadarn Road / Northgate)before 1861open 2019Puby Cwps; Coopers Hotel
y CwpsAberystwythsee Coopers ArmsPub
Coopers HotelAberystwythsee Coopers ArmsPub
Coopers Arms Llandysul (Well Street, Llandysul)before 1841NOT KNOWNPub
Coopers Arms Llwyncelyn (Llwyncelyn)before 18361895Pub
Cornel Lampeter (St Thomas’ Square)c. before 1840Pub
Corner House St Dogmaelsc. NOT KNOWNPub
Cors-fach Inn Llanbadarn Fawrc. NOT KNOWNPubGorsfach Inn
Gorsfach InnLlanbadarn Fawrsee Cors-fach InnPub
Cross Foxes Aberystwyth (17 Mill Street)before 1868open 2017PubMill Inn
Mill InnAberystwythsee Cross FoxesPub
Cross Hands Llanarth (p) (Crossgwenllian)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Cross Hands Llandysul (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Cross Inn Blaenannerchc. NOT KNOWNPub
Cross Inn Ffair Rhosc. open 2017PubTeifi Inn
Teifi InnFfair Rhossee Cross InnPub
Cross Inn Gwnnws (p) (Bwlchgwynt)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Cross Inn Llanbadarn Trefeglwys (Cross Inn, Llannon)c. open 2018PubRhos-yr-Hafod
Rhos-yr-HafodLlanbadarn Trefeglwyssee Cross InnPub
Cross Inn Llanddewi Brefic. 1939Pub
Cross Inn Llanfihangel ar Arthc. before 1889Pub
Cross Inn Llanllwchaiarn (p) (Cross Inn)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Cross Inn Pennantc. NOT KNOWNPub
Cross Inn Talsarnc. NOT KNOWNPub
Cross Inn Temple Barc. NOT KNOWNPub
Cross Pipes Ffos y Ffinc. NOT KNOWNPub
Cross Roads Llandyfriogc. c. 1914Pub
Crown Aberaeron (21 Market Street)c. after 1886Pub
Crown Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Crown Aberystwyth (Northgate Street)before 1850NOT KNOWNPub
Crown Aberystwyth (Market Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Crown Blaenporth (p)c. before 1871Pub
Crown Llandysul (High Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Crown New Quayc. NOT KNOWNPub
Crown and Anchor Cardigan (Quay Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Crown and Anchor Llanychaearn (p) (Figure Four)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Crown and Anchor Tregaronbefore 18441912PubOld Crown Inn
Old Crown InnTregaronsee Crown InnPub
Crown Inn Cardigan (24 Quay Street)c. 1908Pub
Crown Inn Lampeter (High Street)before 18301926Pub
Crown Inn Llanddewi Aberarth (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Crown Inn Llwyndafyddbefore 18412017PubLlwyn Dafydd Inn
Llwyn Dafydd InnLlwyndafyddsee Crown InnPub
Crown Inn Tregaronc. 1911PubOld Crown Inn
Crown Inn Tregaron (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Crugie Arms Rhydyfelinbefore 1867NOT KNOWNPubCrygie Arms
Crygie ArmsRhydyfelinsee Crugie ArmsPub
Crynfryn Arms Aberystwyth (Little Darkgate Street (now East Gate))c. NOT KNOWNPub
Crystal Palace Aberystwyth (Queen's Road)1865open 2017PubScholars
ScholarsAberystwythsee Crystal PalacePub
Culliford Wine Vaults Aberystwyth (24 Great Darkgate Street)before 1864after 1880Pub
Cwmanne Tavern Cwmannc. open 2017Pub
Cwmsymlog Arms Penbontrhydybeddauc. 1932PubCwm-symlog Arms
Cwm-symlog ArmsPenbontrhydybeddausee Cwmsymlog ArmsPub
Davies' Inn Cardigan (Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Deri Arms Lampeter (29 High Street)before 1841c. 1850Pub
Derry Arms Betws Bledrws (Opposite Park gates)c. c. 1897PubDerry Ormond Arms
Derry Ormond ArmsBetws Bledrwssee Derry ArmsPub
Derry Arms Llangybi (p)c. 1885NOT KNOWNPubDerry Ormond Arms
Derry Ormond ArmsLlangybi (p)see Derry ArmsPub
Derry Arms Pont Llaniobefore 1875after 1927Pub
Dinas Hotel Penparcau (Penparcau Road)c. 1889Pub
Dolau Inn New Quay (Spring Gardens)c. 2016Pub
Dolaucothi Arms Pumsaintc. NOT KNOWNPubDolau-Cothy Arms
Dolau-Cothy ArmsPumsaintsee Dolaucothi ArmsPub
Dolphin Cardigan (Mwldan)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Downies Vaults Aberystwyth (East Gate, Aberystwyth)c. 1810open 2017PubWilliams and Benson; Morgan and Co.
Williams and BensonAberystwythsee Downies VaultsPub
Morgan and Co.Aberystwythsee Downies VaultsPub
Drawbridge Inn Cardigan (Lower/Middle Mwldan)before 18351909PubDrawbridge Bonded Stores
Drawbridge Bonded StoresCardigansee Drawbridge InnPub
Drovers Arms Adparc. 1917Pub
Drovers Arms Llanddewi Brefic. NOT KNOWNPub
Drovers Arms Penuwchc. NOT KNOWNPub
Druid Aberystwyth (Butchers Market, St James Square)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Druid Inn Goginanc. open 2017Pub
Duke of Wellington Aberystwyth (St James Square,)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Duke of Wellington Aberystwyth (50 Bridge Street/North Parade)c. 1869NOT KNOWNPub
Dyffryn Castell Hotel Cwmrheidol (Ponterwyd)c. c. 2010Pub
Eagle Cardigan (Pendre)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Eagle Llanfihangel ar Arthbefore 1847open 2017Pub
Eagle Inn Cardigan (Bridgend/Castle Street)c. open 2017PubFusion Bar
Fusion BarCardigansee Eagle InnPub
Elephant and Castle Aberaeron (33 Alban Square)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Elephant and Castle Aberystwyth (North Parade)c. before 1845Pub
Elizabeth Williams' public house Aberystwyth (Pier Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Elysian Grove Aberystwyth (Penglais)before 1887after 1919Pub
Emlyn Arms Cardigan (6 Pendre)before 18471903Pub
Emlyn Hotel Newcastle Emlyn (Bridge St)c. open Aug 2020Pub
Falcon Llanilar (p) (Llanilar, centre of village)before 18342019PubFalcon Inn; Falcon Hotel
Falcon InnLlanilar (p)see FalconPub
Falcon HotelLlanilar (p)see FalconPub
Farmers Arms Aberystwyth (55 Upper Darkgate Street / St James Square)c. NOT KNOWNPubTJs Video Bar
TJs Video BarAberystwythsee Farmers ArmsPub
Farmers Arms Aberystwyth (Little Darkgate Street (now East Gate))c. before 1864Pub
Farmers Arms Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Farmers Arms Cardigan (Bridgend)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Farmers Arms Cardigan (21 Castle Street)c. 1926Pub
Farmers Arms Cardigan (Market Lane)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Farmers Arms Cardigan (North Road / 17 Catherine Row)c. 1917Pub
Farmers Arms Cardigan (Pendre)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Farmers Arms Cilcennin (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Farmers Arms Lampeter (St Thomas Street)before 1851after 1881PubButchers Arms
Butchers ArmsLampetersee Farmers ArmsPub
Farmers Arms Llandysul (Lincoln St, Llandysul, Ceredigion )c. NOT KNOWNPub
Farmers Arms Llanfihangel ar Arthc. NOT KNOWNPub
Farmers Arms New Quayc. NOT KNOWNPub
Farmers Arms Penrhyncochc. NOT KNOWNPub
Feathers Aberystwyth (North Parade)before 1834before 1877PubPlume of Feathers
Plume of FeathersAberystwythsee FeathersPub
Feathers Aberystwyth (Eastgate / Market Street )c. NOT KNOWNPub
Feathers Cardigan (Pendre)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Feathers Hotel Aberaeronc. 2018PubFeathers Royal Hotel
Feathers Royal HotelAberaeronsee Feathers HotelPub
Ferry Inn St Dogmaelsc. open 2017Pub
Ffinnant Arms Llanwenogc. NOT KNOWNPub
Ffostrasol Inn Ffostrasolc. open 2017PubTafarn Ffostrasol, Ffostrasol Arms
Tafarn Ffostrasol, Ffostrasol ArmsFfostrasolsee Ffostrasol InnPub
Ffrwdyryad Arms Llanwnenc. 1929PubFfrwd-y-hwyad Arms, Cribin-bach
Ffrwd-y-hwyad Arms, Cribin-bachLlanwnensee Ffrwdyryad ArmsPub
Ffynon Saer Inn Tregroes (Tregroes, Llandysul, Ceredigion )c. NOT KNOWNPubCarpenters Arms
Carpenters ArmsTregroessee Ffynon Saer InnPub
Fish and Anchor Llanwnen (p) (Abercerdinen)before 1871open 2011PubFish n Anchor, Abercardinnen, Abercerdinen Inn
Fish n Anchor, Abercardinnen, Abercerdinen InnLlanwnen (p)see Fish and AnchorPub
Fishermans Arms Llechryd (6 Rhos Isaf)before 1841after 1871PubFisher Man Arms
Fisher Man ArmsLlechrydsee Fishermans ArmsPub
Fishers Arms Cellan (p)c. 2020PubCaerau
CaerauCellan (p)see Fishers ArmsPub
Fishguard Arms Cardigan (25 Castle Street)before 18351925Pub
Foelallt Arms Llanddewi Brefic. open 2017PubVoelallt Arms, Voillallt Arms
Voelallt Arms, Voillallt ArmsLlanddewi Brefisee Foelallt ArmsPub
Fountain Head Cwmystwythc. NOT KNOWNPubPen Ffynnon
Pen FfynnonCwmystwythsee Fountain HeadPub
Fountain Inn Trefechanc. NOT KNOWNPubFountain Head
Fountain HeadTrefechansee Fountain InnPub
Fountain Inn Tregaronc. 1937Pub
Fox Hounds Llanwnenc. NOT KNOWNPubFox and Hounds
Fox and HoundsLlanwnensee Fox HoundsPub
Fox Vaults Aberystwyth (North Parade)before 18621908PubFox Inn
Fox InnAberystwythsee Fox VaultsPub
Freemasons Arms Aberystwyth (Bridge Street / South Road)c. 1870c. 1920PubFreemasons Tavern, Masons Arms
Freemasons Tavern, Masons ArmsAberystwythsee Freemasons ArmsPub
Friendship Inn Borthc. open 2017Pub
Fronfelen Arms Temple Barc. 2018PubFron-felen Arms, Fronfelin Arms
Fron-felen Arms, Fronfelin ArmsTemple Barsee Fronfelen ArmsPub
Gambia Inn Aberaeron (2 Ship Street)c. 1908Pub
General Picton Cardigan (4 Bridge Parade)c. NOT KNOWNPub
George Borrow Ponterwydbefore 1853open 2017PubGogerddan Arms, The Hotel
Gogerddan Arms, The HotelPonterwydsee George BorrowPub
Gilfach Arms Mydroilyn (Mydroilyn)c. open 2017PubGilfach Inn
Gilfach InnMydroilynsee Gilfach ArmsPub
Glanyrafon Arms Talgarregc. open 2017PubBridge Inn?
Bridge Inn?Talgarregsee Glanyrafon ArmsPub
Globe Cardigan (10 William Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Globe Lampeter (High Street)before 1785c. 1865Pub
Globe New Quayc. NOT KNOWNPub
Globe Inn Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street/8 Market Street)before 18501873PubGlobe Wine Vaults, Globe Spirit Vaults
Globe Wine Vaults, Globe Spirit VaultsAberystwythsee Globe InnPub
Gogerddan Aberaeron (4 Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Gogerddan Arms Llanbadarn Fawrc. open 2017Pub
Gogerddan Arms Tan-y-Groes (Tan-y-Groes, )c. 2019Pub
Gogerddan Arms Ynyslasc. NOT KNOWNPub
Goginan Arms Goginanc. NOT KNOWNPub
Golden Anchor Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Golden Eagle Aberystwyth (Mary Street (now lower Terrace Road))c. NOT KNOWNPub
Golden Lion Aberystwyth (29 Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)before 1780after 1857Pub
Golden Lion Cardigan (Chancery Lane)c. 1910Pub
Golden Lion Llanarth (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Gomer Cardigan (Market Lane)c. after 1852Pub
Graig Ciliau Aeron (p, cc)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Grange Inn Capel Cynonc. NOT KNOWNPub
Grapes Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street)before 1835NOT KNOWNPub
Green Castle Llanon (Bridge Street, Llanon)before 1861NOT KNOWNPub
Green Dragon Lampeter (High Street)before 1760before 1840Pub
Greyhound Aberystwyth (12 Little Darkgate Street (now East Gate))c. NOT KNOWNPub
Greyhound Cardigan (St Mary Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Greyhound Lampeter (High Street)before 1795NOT KNOWNPub
Greyhound Llanarthc. NOT KNOWNPub
Gronwy Arms Temple Barc. 1907Pub
Grosvenor Hotel Cardigan (Bridge Street)c. open 2017Pub
Gwarcefel Arms Prengwyn (Prengwyn, Llandysul, Ceredigion )c. open 2017Pub
Gwernant Arms Rhydlewis (Bwlchgwyn, Llangunllo parish)before 1875c. 1914PubGwer-nant Arms
Gwer-nant ArmsRhydlewissee Gwernant ArmsPub
Hafodunos Aberystwyth (Victoria Terrace)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Half Moon Cardigan (1 Green Street)c. 1914Pub
Halfway Inn Pisgahc. open 2017PubHenffordd Arms
Henffordd ArmsPisgahsee Halfway InnPub
Halfway Inn Tre'r Ddôlbefore 18431957PubBoar's Head Inn, Boars Head Inn
Boar's Head Inn, Boars Head InnTre'r Ddôlsee Halfway InnPub
Harbour Tavern Aberaeron (Vulcan Place (now Trelawney))c. after 1869PubDolphin Inn
Dolphin InnAberaeronsee Harbour TavernPub
Harbour Tavern Aberystwyth (Sea View Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Harbourmaster Aberaeron (1 Quay Parade (formerly Pier Street)c. open 2017PubRed Lion; Gwesty'r Harbwr
Red LionAberaeronsee HarbourmasterPub
Gwesty'r HarbwrAberaeronsee HarbourmasterPub
Hart Inn Aberaeron (1 Princess Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Heart of Oak Inn Aberystwyth (23 Great Darkgate Street)before 1833c. 1875Pub
Hendafarn Cilcennin (p) (Cilcennin)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Highmead Arms Llanwenogc. after 2006PubHigh Mead Arms Hotel
High Mead Arms HotelLlanwenogsee Highmead ArmsPub
Hive Aberaeron (Cadwgan Place)c. NOT KNOWNPubY Cwch Gwenyn
Y Cwch GwenynAberaeronsee HivePub
Hope Aberaeron (4 Pier Street / Quay Parade)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Hope Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)before 1822after 1830Pub
Hope and Anchor Aberystwyth (Little Darkgate Street (now East Gate))c. NOT KNOWNPub
Hope and Anchor Cardigan (51 Pendre)c. 2019Pub
Hope and Anchor 2 Cardigan (3 Castle Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Hope Inn Lampeterbefore 1851c. 1880PubHope
HopeLampetersee Hope InnPub
Horse and Jockey Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)c. after 1869Pub
Hotel 24 Aberystwyth (9 Great Darkgate Street,)before 1894after 1915PubSmith's Hotel
Smith's HotelAberystwythsee Hotel 24Pub
Hotel Cambria Aberystwyth (Marine Terrace)c. 18961906PubCambria Hotel
Cambria HotelAberystwythsee Hotel CambriaPub
Inn Llanarthc. NOT KNOWNPub
Inn Llywernogc. NOT KNOWNPub
Inn Talsarnc. NOT KNOWNPub
Inn Tregaronc. NOT KNOWNPub
Inn Ynyslasc. NOT KNOWNPub
Inn on the Pier Aberystwyth (The Pier, Marine Terrace)c. open 2017Pub
Ivy Bush Aberystwyth (31 Little Darkgate Street (now East Gate))before 1822after 1845PubBush
BushAberystwythsee Ivy BushPub
Ivy Bush Lampeter (High Street)before 1841open 2016PubBush
BushLampetersee Ivy BushPub
Ivy Bush Llanddewi Brefic. before 1888Pub
Ivy Bush Pennantc. NOT KNOWNPub
Ivy Bush Tregaron (Market Square?)before 18561932Pub
Ivy Bush Inn Cardigan (20 High Street )c. 1911Pub
James Hall Aberystwyth (32 Terrace Road)c. 1870NOT KNOWNPub
John Roberts Vaults Aberystwyth (2 Bridge St, Aberystwyth)before 1888NOT KNOWNPub
Joiners Arms Aberaeronc. NOT KNOWNPub
Joiners Arms Cardigan (Bridgend)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Joiners? Arms Llanddewi Aberarth (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Joiners? Arms Llangwyryfon (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Jolly Sailor Cardigan (Short Row)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Jug Bach? Pennantc. NOT KNOWNPub
King Charles in the Oak  Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
King George New Quayc. NOT KNOWNPub
King William 4th Devil's Bridgec. 1873Pub
Kings Arms Aberystwyth (8 Princess Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Kings Arms Henfynyw (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Kings Arms Lampeterbefore 1830NOT KNOWNPub
Kings Arms Llandysul (High St, Llandysul, Ceredigion )c. open 2017PubKings Arms Hotel
Kings Arms HotelLlandysulsee Kings ArmsPub
Kings Arms Lledrodc. 1917Pub
Kings Head Aberaeronc. NOT KNOWNPub
Kings Head Cardigan (15 High Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Kings Head Llanbadarn Fawrbefore 1844before 1905PubKings Arms
Kings ArmsLlanbadarn Fawrsee Kings HeadPub
Kings Head Newcastle Emlync. NOT KNOWNPub
Kings Head Talsarnc. NOT KNOWNPub
Lamb Aberystwyth (Queen Street)before 1837before 1871Pub
Lamb Lampeter (High Street)before 1830c. 1865Pub
Lamb Llanrhystudc. NOT KNOWNPub
Lamb Inn Adparc. NOT KNOWNPub
Lamb Inn Cardigan (Finch's Square)c. open 2017Pub
Libertine Aberystwyth (Terrace Road / Corporation Street corner)c. 2015NOT KNOWNPub
Lion Aberaeron (3 Bridge Street (on corner with Alban Square))c. NOT KNOWNPubGogerddan Arms; Black Lion 3
Gogerddan ArmsAberaeronsee LionPub
Black Lion 3Aberaeronsee LionPub
Lion Hotel Tregaronc. NOT KNOWNPub
Lisburne Arms Aberystwyth (4, 4a, 5 Northgate Street)before 1875NOT KNOWNPub
Lisburne Arms Cwmystwythc. NOT KNOWNPub
Lisburne Arms Llanfihangel y Creuddyn (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Lisburne Arms  Pontrhydfendigaidbefore 1857NOT KNOWNPub
Lisburne Arms Pontrhydygroesbefore 18641913Pub
Liverpool Arms Cardigan (6 Bridge Parade)c. 1925Pub
Llanfair Bridge Llanfair Clydogaubefore 18761935PubLlanfair Bridge Inn, Bridge Inn
Llanfair Bridge Inn, Bridge InnLlanfair Clydogausee Llanfair BridgePub
Llanina Arms Llanarthc. open 2017Pub
Llanvaughan Arms Llanwenogc. 1925Pub
Lloyd Jack Arms Aberaeron (11/12 Market Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Lloyd Jack Arms Inn Ystrad Aeronc. NOT KNOWNPub
Lochtyn Inn Lochtync. NOT KNOWNPub
London and Provincial Stores Aberystwyth (32 and 34 Terrace Road )c. 1867NOT KNOWNPubJohn James Market; Jimmy's Vaults, Railway Tea Warehouse
John James MarketAberystwythsee London and Provincial StoresPub
Jimmy's Vaults, Railway Tea WarehouseAberystwythsee London and Provincial StoresPub
London Tavern Aberystwyth (7 Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Lord Hill Aberystwyth (Queen Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Lord Nelson Inn Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)before 1815NOT KNOWNPubNelson; Nelsons Head, Sailors Home, Farmers Arms
NelsonAberystwythsee Lord Nelson InnPub
Nelsons Head, Sailors Home, Farmers ArmsAberystwythsee Lord Nelson InnPub
Mabws Arms Ystrad Meurig (p)c. 1922PubMabus Arms
Mabus ArmsYstrad Meurig (p)see Mabws ArmsPub
Maesbangor Arms Capel Bangorc. open 2017Pub
Margaret Jones beerhouse Pontrhydygroes (Ffairrhos)before 1873after 1873Pub
Mariners Arms Aberystwyth (Baker Street)c. after 1837Pub
Mariners Arms St Dogmaelsc. NOT KNOWNPub
Market Street Vaults Aberystwyth (Market Street )c. NOT KNOWNPub
Market Tavern Aberystwyth (Market Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Mason's Arms Henllan (Trebedw, Henllan)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Masons Arms Cardigan (North Road)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Masons Arms Lampeter (Victoria Terrace)NOT KNOWNPub
Merionethshire Arms Aberystwyth (4 or 18 Northgate Street or maybe 20)c. after 1880Pub
Milford Arms Llanrhystud Roadc. NOT KNOWNPub
Milford Tavern Aberaeron (Milford House, 5 Cadwgan Place)c. after 1875Pub
Milford Tavern Llanychaearn (p) (Pontllanerchaiarn)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Miners Arms Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)before 1816after 1855Pub
Miners Arms Goginanc. 1922Pub
Miners Arms Penrhyncochc. NOT KNOWNPub
Miners Arms Ystumtuenc. before 1888Pub
Monachty Arms Aberaeron (Bridge Street, no. 7 (by 1851) and 1 & 2 (by 1861))c. open 2017PubBlack Lion, Monachty Hotel
Black Lion, Monachty HotelAberaeronsee Monachty ArmsPub
Monachty Arms Dderwen Gamc. NOT KNOWNPub
Monarch Tregaronc. c. 1892Pub
Montgomeryshire Vaults Aberystwyth (9 Princess Street )c. 18641869PubMontgomery Vaults, New Spirit Vaults, Corbett's Spirit Vaults
Montgomery Vaults, New Spirit Vaults, Corbett's Spirit VaultsAberystwythsee Montgomeryshire VaultsPub
Mynach Arms Cribync. NOT KNOWNPub
Nags Head Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)before 1822before 2017Pub
Nags Head Adparc. 1936Pub
Nags Head Borthc. before 1880Pub
Nags Head Cardiganc. NOT KNOWNPub
Nags Head Lampeter (Unknown)before 1747NOT KNOWNPub
Nags Head (ex.Kings Head) Lampeter (14 Bridge St.)c. 1865open 2018PubKing's Head
King's HeadLampetersee Nags Head (ex.Kings Head)Pub
Nags Head Inn Abercychc. open 2018Pub
Nant Eos Arms Capel Seionc. NOT KNOWNPub
Nanteos Arms Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street)before 1816c. 1872Pub
Nanteos Arms Cwmrheidolc. NOT KNOWNPub
Nanteos Arms Tregaronc. NOT KNOWNPub
Nelson 2 Aberystwyth (Queen Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Neptune Aberaeronc. NOT KNOWNPub
Neptune Inn Aberystwyth (Queen's Road)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Neuadd Arms Lampeter ( 84 Bridge Street)before 18711926Pub
Neuadd Cross Llandygwyddc. NOT KNOWNPubNoyadd Cross
Noyadd CrossLlandygwyddsee Neuadd CrossPub
New Black Lion Aberaeron (18 Market Street, )c. 2016open 2016PubBlack Lion 1; Gin shop
Black Lion 1Aberaeronsee New Black LionPub
Gin shopAberaeronsee New Black LionPub
New Ceylon Llanonc. NOT KNOWNPub
New Inn Aberystwyth (28 Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNPub
New Inn Blaenpennal (Blaenpenal)c. NOT KNOWNPub
New Inn Blaenplwyf (Pont Llanio)c. NOT KNOWNPub
New Inn Cardigan (27 William Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
New Inn Cwmerfync. 1917Pub
New Inn Henfynyw (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
New Inn Llanarth (p) (Troedyrhiw, Dehewid / Llanarth)c. NOT KNOWNPub
New Inn Llanddewi Brefic. open 2017Pub
New Inn Llanfihangel y Creuddyn (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
New Inn Llanfihangel Ystrad (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
New Inn Llangrannogc. open 2017Pub
New Inn Llanrhystudc. NOT KNOWNPub
New Inn New Innc. NOT KNOWNPub
New Inn Pontrhydfendigaidc. 1917Pub
New Inn Talsarnc. NOT KNOWNPub
New Inn Trefeurig (p, cc)c. NOT KNOWNPub
New Lamb Inn Tregaronc. NOT KNOWNPubLamb Inn
Lamb InnTregaronsee New Lamb InnPub
New Market Tavern Aberystwyth (3 Market Street)c. c. 1938PubMarket Tavern
Market TavernAberystwythsee New Market TavernPub
New Ship  Henfynyw (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
New Street Vaults Aberystwyth (1 New Street)c. 1908PubBank Vaults
Bank VaultsAberystwythsee New Street VaultsPub
Newadd Rock Inn New Quayc. NOT KNOWNPubNeuadd Rock?
Neuadd Rock?New Quaysee Newadd Rock InnPub
Newbridge Cilcennin (p) (Newbridge)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Newport Arms Cardigan (Castle Street, Bridgend, Llantood?)c. NOT KNOWNPubCroft House
Croft HouseCardigansee Newport ArmsPub
Noyadd Arms  Cardigan (53 Pendre)before 1850after 1883Pub
Noyaddwilyn Arms Cardigan (Feidrfair)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Number 8 Aberystwyth (Market Street)c. after 1878Pub
Old Black Lion Issa'n Dre (Near Aberystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Old Inn Aberystwythc. NOT KNOWNPub
Old Inn Llanilar (p)before 18441877Pub
Old Railway Inn Maesycrugiauc. 2017Pub
Old Sign Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Olmarch Arms Llangybi (p)c. 1884Pub
Pantycelyn Hall Aberystwyth (University Campus, Penglais Hill)c. c. 1988Pub
Pelican Cardigan (High Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Pelican 2 Cardigan (Pwllhai)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Pelican 3 Cardigan (6 St Mary Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Pelican 4 Cardigan (28 St Mary Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Pelican Inn Cardigan (Bridgend)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Penbont Public House Nebo (Nebo, Llansantffraed Parish)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Penllwyndu Inn Llandygwyddbefore 1841open 2017Pub
Penpompren Inn Llanwenog (Drefach)before 1841c. closed 2016?PubPenpombren
PenpombrenLlanwenogsee Penpompren InnPub
Penrhiw Inn Abercychc. open 2018Pub
Penrhiwgaled Arms Llanllwchaiarn (p) (Cross Inn)c. open 2017Pub
Penrhiwllan Inn New Quay (Llandysul Road)c. open 2017Pub
Penrhiwpal Inn Troedyraur (Penrhiwpal)before 1845c. 1917Pub
Pentre Arms Llangrannogbefore 1875open 2017PubBrown Hotel
Brown HotelLlangrannogsee Pentre ArmsPub
Pentre Brunant Cwmystwyth (Cwmystwyth)before 1789NOT KNOWNPub
Penuwch Inn Penuwchc. 2016PubLletty'r Pannwr
Lletty'r PannwrPenuwchsee Penuwch InnPub
Penybont Inn Llanarthc. NOT KNOWNPub
Penybont Inn Llanddewi Aberarth (p)c. c. 1920Pub
Phoenix Aberystwyth (Terrace Road)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Piccadilly Penparcaubefore 1824before 1898Pub
Picton Arms Aberystwythc. NOT KNOWNPub
PJM Student Village Aberystwyth (University Campus, Penglais Hill)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Plas Antaron Penparcauc. NOT KNOWNPub
Plas Inn Llangeithobefore 1864NOT KNOWNPubPlas Hotel
Plas HotelLlangeithosee Plas InnPub
Plasnewydd Inn Silianc. after 1964PubPlas-newydd Inn
Plas-newydd InnSiliansee Plasnewydd InnPub
Plough Aberaeron (19 Market Street)before 1836NOT KNOWNPub
Plough Cardigan (61 Pendre)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Plough Llanbadarn Fawrc. before 1876Pub
Plough Llanon (Stryd Fawr)before 1871NOT KNOWNPubPlough Inn in 1871 census
Plough Inn in 1871 censusLlanonsee PloughPub
Plough and Harrow Aberystwyth (Queen Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Plough and Harrow Nantcwnlle (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Plough and Harrow Trefechanc. NOT KNOWNPub
Plough Inn Aberystwyth (Mill Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Plough Inn Lampeterc. c. 1978PubBlossom Lodge
Blossom LodgeLampetersee Plough InnPub
Poachers Pocket Cribync. NOT KNOWNPub
Pontargamdwr Arms Tregaronc. 1909PubPontargamddwr Arms
Pontargamddwr ArmsTregaronsee Pontargamdwr ArmsPub
Pontllwni Llanllwni (Llanllwni Bridge)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Prince Albert Aberystwyth (26 Little Darkgate Street (now Eastgate))before 1840open 2017PubCourt Royale
Court RoyaleAberystwythsee Prince AlbertPub
Prince Llewellyn Aberystwyth (39 Bridge Street)c. after 1876Pub
Prince of Wales Aberaeron (1 Queen Street)c. open 2023Pub
Prince of Wales Aberystwyth (Eastgate (formerly Little Darkgate Street) / Market Street, Aberystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Prince of Wales Aberystwyth (16 Mary Street (now lower Terrace Road))c. c. 1876Pub
Prince of Wales Aberystwyth (North Parade)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Prince of Wales Cardigan (31 High Street)c. 1905Pub
Prince of Wales New Quay (8 George Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Pritchard Arms Cardigan (North Road, 23 Catherine Row)c. NOT KNOWNPubPrichard Arms
Prichard ArmsCardigansee Pritchard ArmsPub
Promenade Pier Aberystwyth (Marine Terrace)c. NOT KNOWNPubRoyal Pier Pavilion
Royal Pier PavilionAberystwythsee Promenade PierPub
Public House (Nanteos Estate) 1 Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Public House (Nanteos Estate) 2 Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Public House (Nanteos Estate) 3 Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Public House (Nanteos Estate) 4 Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)before 1831NOT KNOWNPub
Public House (Nanteos Estate) 5 Aberystwyth (Little Darkgate Street (now East Gate))c. NOT KNOWNPub
Public House (Nanteos Estate) 6 Aberystwyth (Little Darkgate Street (now Eastgate))before 1841NOT KNOWNPub
Queens Arms Lampeter ( High Street)before 1841c. 1885Pub
Queens Head Aberaeron (North Road, (next door to Talbot))c. NOT KNOWNPub
Queens Head Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Queens Head Cardigan (22 Pendre)c. 1917Pub
Queens Hotel Cardigan (3 High Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Queens Hotel New Quay (Church Street)c. 2015Pub
Railway Hotel Borthc. NOT KNOWNPub
Railway Hotel Tregaronc. NOT KNOWNPubDrovers Arms, Rugby Club
Drovers Arms, Rugby ClubTregaronsee Railway HotelPub
Railway Inn Aberystwyth (Lewis Terrace (now 8 Alexandra Road))before 1875open 2017PubRailway Hotel; Lord Beechings, Three Jolly Sailors
Railway HotelAberystwythsee Railway InnPub
Lord Beechings, Three Jolly SailorsAberystwythsee Railway InnPub
Railway Inn Borthc. open 2017PubRailway Tavern
Railway TavernBorthsee Railway InnPub
Railway Inn Henllanc. NOT KNOWNPubRailway Hotel, Henllan Falls Hotel
Railway Hotel, Henllan Falls HotelHenllansee Railway InnPub
Railway Inn Tregaronc. NOT KNOWNPubStation Steps
Station StepsTregaronsee Railway InnPub
Railway Station Refreshment Rooms Borthc. NOT KNOWNPub
Railway Station, refreshment rooms Aberystwyth (Alexandra Road)c. NOT KNOWNPubWetherspoons
WetherspoonsAberystwythsee Railway Station, refreshment roomsPub
Railway Station, refreshment rooms Lampeterc. 1875c. 1965Pub
Railway Station, Refreshment rooms Llandysulc. NOT KNOWNPub
Railway Tavern Cardigan (6 Castle Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Ram Inn Aberaeron (14/15 Market Street)after 1861after 1877Pub
Rampant Lion Capel Dewi (Capel Dewi, Llandysul)c. NOT KNOWNPubLion Rampant
Lion RampantCapel Dewisee Rampant LionPub
Raven Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Raven Aberystwyth (Penglais Hill)1868after 1875Pub
Red Cow Inn Adparc. before 2017Pub
Red Cow Inn Cardigan (14 or 15 High Street)before 1834c. 1871Pub
Red Lion Aberystwyth (North Parade)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Red Lion Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Red Lion Aberystwyth (Mill Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Red Lion Cardigan (Pwllhai/St Mary's Street)before 1732open 2017Pub
Red Lion Cilcennin (p)before 1836before 1868Pub
Red Lion Cwrt Newydd (Alltgoch)before 1850before 2011Pub
Red Lion Dihewyd (p) (Dihewyd)c. c. 1860Pub
Red Lion Llanarth (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Red Lion Llanbadarn Fawr (Llanbadarn )c. NOT KNOWNPub
Red Lion Llanddewi Brefic. NOT KNOWNPub
Red Lion Llangeithoc. before 1882Pub
Red Lion Llanwnenc. open 2020PubGrannell Hotel
Grannell HotelLlanwnensee Red LionPub
Red Lion New Quay (Traethgwyn)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Red Lion New Quayc. NOT KNOWNPub
Red Lion St Dogmaelsc. NOT KNOWNPub
Red Lion 2 Aberaeron (Cardigan Road)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Red Lion 2 Llanarth (p) (Rhydlyddan / Glanrhyd)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Red Lion Hotel Pontrhydfendigaidc. open 2017Pub
Red Lion Inn Llanrhystudc. before 2000Pub
Red Lion Inn Mydroilync. NOT KNOWNPubCock; Red Cock
CockMydroilynsee Red Lion InnPub
Red CockMydroilynsee Red Lion InnPub
Red Lion Inn  Talsarnc. NOT KNOWNPub
Red Lion Inn Tregaronc. open 2017Puby Llew Coch
y Llew CochTregaronsee Red Lion InnPub
Rhose Tavern Llandysul (p) (Pentrellwyn)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Rhyddlan [Arms] Rhyddlanc. NOT KNOWNPubRhuddlan Arms, Graig, Rhyddlan Inn, Tynewydd Inn
Rhuddlan Arms, Graig, Rhyddlan Inn, Tynewydd InnRhyddlansee Rhyddlan [Arms]Pub
Rhydfach Inn Llwyncelyn (Rhydfach)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Rhydlydan Arms Ponterwydc. 1922PubRhyd-lydan Arms
Rhyd-lydan ArmsPonterwydsee Rhydlydan ArmsPub
Rhydypennau Inn Penygarnc. open 2018PubThree Horse Shoe Inn
Three Horse Shoe InnPenygarnsee Rhydypennau InnPub
Rink Aberystwyth (Portland Street / Queen's Road)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Rope and Anchor Aberaeron (Newfoundland Terrace)before 1837c. 1876PubNewfoundland; Hope and Anchor
NewfoundlandAberaeronsee Rope and AnchorPub
Hope and AnchorAberaeronsee Rope and AnchorPub
Rose and Crown Aberystwyth (St James Square)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Rose and Crown Cardigan (Quay Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Rose and Crown Newcastle Emlync. NOT KNOWNPub
Rose and Crown Inn St Dogmaelsc. NOT KNOWNPub
Rose Hill Arms Llanarthc. c. 1916PubRose Hill Tavern
Rose Hill TavernLlanarthsee Rose Hill ArmsPub
Rose Inn Llangeithoc. NOT KNOWNPub
Rosser Halls student bar Aberystwythc. 2007Pub
Royal Arms Aberystwyth (Northgate Street)c. after 1868Pub
Royal Arms Cardigan (Pwllhai)c. c. 1927Pub
Royal Exchange St Dogmaelsc. NOT KNOWNPub
Royal Mail Aberystwyth (27 Great Darkgate Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Royal Oak Aberaeron (30 North Road )c. 2017Pub
Royal Oak Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Royal Oak Aberystwyth (Little Darkgate Street (now East Gate))c. 1908Pub
Royal Oak Aberystwyth (Princess Street)c. 1908Pub
Royal Oak Cellan (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Royal Oak Gogerddanc. NOT KNOWNPub
Royal Oak Goginanc. NOT KNOWNPub
Royal Oak Llanarth (p) (Rhydlydan)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Royal Oak Llanarth (p) (Oakford)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Royal Oak Llanwnen (p) (Troedrhiw )c. NOT KNOWNPub
Royal Oak Inn Cardigan (11 Quay Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Royal Oak Inn Llanfarian (Figure Four / Pontllanychaiarn / Pentre-bont )before 1875open 2017PubOak Inn, Figure Four
Oak Inn, Figure FourLlanfariansee Royal Oak InnPub
Royal Oak Inn Taliesinc. c. 1975Pub
Rummers Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)1982open 2017PubBacchus
BacchusAberystwythsee RummersPub
Saddlers Arms Cardigan (22 High Street)c. open 2018Pub
Sailors Arms Aberaeron (Dolphin Place/ South Beach / Vulcan Place )before 1861c. 1905PubStraw Inn
Straw InnAberaeronsee Sailors ArmsPub
Sailors Arms Aberystwyth (18 South Road / Shipbuilder's Row)c. after 1950Pub
Sailors Arms Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Sailors Home New Quay (Margaret Street / Pengeulan)c. open 2017PubCommercial Hotel; Sea Horse Inn
Commercial HotelNew Quaysee Sailors HomePub
Sea Horse InnNew Quaysee Sailors HomePub
Sailors Home St Dogmaelsc. NOT KNOWNPubSailors Arms
Sailors ArmsSt Dogmaelssee Sailors HomePub
Salutation Gilfachrhedac. NOT KNOWNPub
Shades Aberystwyth (Bridge Street, Aberystwyth)c. before 1867Pub
Ship Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Ship Llanrhystudc. NOT KNOWNPub
Ship and Castle Aberystwyth (High Street / Vulcan Street corner)before 1830open 2017PubFlannery's
Flannery'sAberystwythsee Ship and CastlePub
Ship and Castle Cardigan (49 St Mary Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Ship and Launch Aberystwyth (Butchers Market / St James Square)c. NOT KNOWNPubShip Launch
Ship LaunchAberystwythsee Ship and LaunchPub
Ship in Launch New Quayc. NOT KNOWNPub
Ship Inn Aberaeron (2 Ship Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Ship Inn Aberporthbefore 1844open 2017PubShip Hotel
Ship HotelAberporthsee Ship InnPub
Ship Inn Cardigan (1 Pendre)c. open 2017Pub25 Mile, Coffee #1
25 Mile, Coffee #1Cardigansee Ship InnPub
Ship Inn Llanarthc. NOT KNOWNPub
Ship Inn Llangrannogc. open 2017PubY Llong, Geneva Inn
Y Llong, Geneva InnLlangrannogsee Ship InnPub
Ship Inn Llanon (Bridge Street, Llanon)before 1841after 1861Pub
Ship Inn New Quayc. NOT KNOWNPub
Ship Inn Pennantc. NOT KNOWNPub
Ship Inn Tresaithc. open 2017Pub
Ship on Launch Aberaeron (4 Cadwgan Place)c. NOT KNOWNPubShip in Launch
Ship in LaunchAberaeronsee Ship on LaunchPub
Ship on Launch Cardigan (19 Pendre)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Ship-a-ground Aberystwyth (St James Square / Princess Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Shipwright Arms Aberystwyth (Custom House Street)before 1837NOT KNOWNPub
Shipwright Arms Cardigan (23 Castle Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Shoemakers Arms Cribync. NOT KNOWNPub
Shropshire Arms Aberystwyth (Little Darkgate Street (now East Gate))c. after 1867Pub
Six Bells Llanbadarn Fawr (p)before 1830NOT KNOWNPub
Skinners Arms Aberystwyth (Pier Street / Clock Square)before 1816open 2017PubTavern in the Town; Blingwyr; Skinner's Video Bar; Porky's Fun Bar; K2; Yokos ; Why Not
Tavern in the TownAberystwythsee Skinners ArmsPub
BlingwyrAberystwythsee Skinners ArmsPub
Skinner's Video BarAberystwythsee Skinners ArmsPub
Porky's Fun BarAberystwythsee Skinners ArmsPub
K2Aberystwythsee Skinners ArmsPub
YokosAberystwythsee Skinners ArmsPub
Why NotAberystwythsee Skinners ArmsPub
Sloop St Dogmaelsc. NOT KNOWNPub
Sportsman Tavern Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)c. after 1873PubSportsman Inn
Sportsman InnAberystwythsee Sportsman TavernPub
Spread Eagle Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)before 1815after 1849PubEagle
EagleAberystwythsee Spread EaglePub
Square and Compasses Cardigan (24 Castle Street, Bridgend)before 18051906PubSquare and Compass
Square and CompassCardigansee Square and CompassesPub
St George Hotel Aberystwyth (Queen Square / Portland Street)before 1870NOT KNOWNPubSt George Inn
St George InnAberystwythsee St George HotelPub
Stags Head Llangeitho (near Llangeitho)c. after 1964Pub
Star Llanddewi Aberarth (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Star Llanrhystud Mefenydd (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Star Llansantffraed (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Star Ystrad Aeronc. NOT KNOWNPub
Star Inn Aberystwyth (Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Star Inn New Quay (Church Street)c. NOT KNOWNPubStar Temperance Hotel
Star Temperance HotelNew Quaysee Star InnPub
Star Inn Ysbyty Ystwythc. NOT KNOWNPubY Seren
Y SerenYsbyty Ystwythsee Star InnPub
Star of Wales Aberaeron (10 Market Street)c. open 2017PubStar; Tafarn y Cadwgan; Cadwgan
StarAberaeronsee Star of WalesPub
Tafarn y CadwganAberaeronsee Star of WalesPub
CadwganAberaeronsee Star of WalesPub
Starling Cloud Aberystwyth (p) (Rue St Brieuc)c. 2014open 2017Pub
Step Inn Cardigan (King's Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Sun Inn Aberaeronc. NOT KNOWNPub
Sunny Hill Hotel Tregaronc. c. 2015PubSunnyhill Hotel
Sunnyhill HotelTregaronsee Sunny Hill HotelPub
Swan Lampeter (High St)before 1777before 1841Pub
Swan Llanddewi Aberarth (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Swan New Quayc. NOT KNOWNPub
Swan Ysbyty Ystwythc. NOT KNOWNPub
Swan Inn Aberaeron (10 Quay Parade)before 18691936Pub
Swan Inn Cardigan (4 Chancery Lane)c. 1906Pub
Swan Inn Llanon (Stryd yr Ysgol, LLANON)before 1851after 1911Pub
Synod Inn Llanarth (Post-Mawr / Synod Inn)c. open 2017PubHorse and Plough
Horse and PloughLlanarthsee Synod InnPub
Tafarn Bach Castell Hywelc. NOT KNOWNPub
Tafarn Newydd Llanddewi Brefic. NOT KNOWNPub
Tafarn Trip Lampeterc. NOT KNOWNPub
Tafarn y Bont Bronantc. open 2017PubBont Inn`
Bont Inn`Bronantsee Tafarn y BontPub
Tafarn y Crug Llanbadarn Fawr (p)c. NOT KNOWNPubTafarn Crûg
Tafarn CrûgLlanbadarn Fawr (p)see Tafarn y CrugPub
Tafarn y Fagal Gogerddan (Capel Dewi)c. NOT KNOWNPubTafarnyfagl, Tafarn y fagl
Tafarnyfagl, Tafarn y faglGogerddansee Tafarn y FagalPub
Tafarn y Gors New Crossc. open 2017PubNew Cross Inn
New Cross InnNew Crosssee Tafarn y GorsPub
Tafarn-mwt Llangeitho (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Tafarn-ysgawen Brynhoffnantbefore 1799NOT KNOWNPubTavernscour, Tavern-yscawen, Tafarnscawen
Tavernscour, Tavern-yscawen, TafarnscawenBrynhoffnantsee Tafarn-ysgawenPub
Tafarndy Cellan (p)c. 1926PubTavarndy
TavarndyCellan (p)see TafarndyPub
Talbot Aberaeron (6 North Road)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Talbot Inn Llanbadarn Fawr (End of Lewis Terrace)before 1866before 1877Pub
Tavern Spite Llanychaearn (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Taylors Arms Cwrt Newyddc. NOT KNOWNPub
Teifi-side Inn Cardigan (4 Castle Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Teifiside Llandysul (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Teifiside Inn Llechrydc. 1930PubTivyside Inn, Tivy Side Inn
Tivyside Inn, Tivy Side InnLlechrydsee Teifiside InnPub
Temperance Hotel Lampeter (8 Station Terrace)c. 1881c. 1914Pub
Temperance Hotel Lampeter (11 High Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Terminus Aberystwyth (Terrace Road)before 1871open 2017PubTerminus Hotel; Terminus Vaults; Vale of Rheidol
Terminus HotelAberystwythsee TerminusPub
Terminus VaultsAberystwythsee TerminusPub
Vale of RheidolAberystwythsee TerminusPub
The Outback (Student Bar) Llanbadarn Fawr (Llanbadarn Campus)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Three Bridges Bar Devil's Bridgec. open 2017Pub
Three Cranes Cardigan (42 High Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Three Horse Shoe Aberystwyth (1 Grays Inn Lane)c. 1919PubThree Horse Shoes
Three Horse ShoesAberystwythsee Three Horse ShoePub
Three Horse Shoe Llangeithoc. open 2017PubGwesty'r Tair Pedol, Three Horse Shoes
Gwesty'r Tair Pedol, Three Horse ShoesLlangeithosee Three Horse ShoePub
Three Horse Shoe Llanrhystudc. NOT KNOWNPub
Three Horse Shoes Cribync. NOT KNOWNPubThree Horseshoes, Three Horse Shoe
Three Horseshoes, Three Horse ShoeCribynsee Three Horse ShoesPub
Three Horse Shoes Henfynyw (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Three Horse Shoes Lampeter (High St)before 1760NOT KNOWNPubThree Golden Horseshoes?
Three Golden Horseshoes?Lampetersee Three Horse ShoesPub
Three Horse Shoes Llanarth (p) (Rhydlyddan)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Three Horse Shoes Penbontrhydybeddau (Trefeurig)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Three Horseshoes Cardigan (Greenfield Square)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Three Horseshoes Trefechanc. NOT KNOWNPub
Three Jolly Sailors Aberystwyth (Church Street (Upper Great Darkgate Street))c. c. 1855PubJolly Sailors
Jolly SailorsAberystwythsee Three Jolly SailorsPub
Three Jolly Sailors Bow Street (Bow Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Three Mariners Cardigan (40 High Street)c. 1939Pub
Three Pipes Cross Inn (Llanllwchaiarn )c. NOT KNOWNPub
Three Salmons Newcastle Emlync. NOT KNOWNPubThree Salmon
Three SalmonNewcastle Emlynsee Three SalmonsPub
Three Tuns Trefechan (Trefechan)before 1822NOT KNOWNPub
Tivy Inn St Dogmaels (Maeshyfryd)c. open 2017PubTeifi Netpool Inn
Teifi Netpool InnSt Dogmaelssee Tivy InnPub
Tollgate Aberystwyth (Piercefield Lane)c. 2015Pub
Towyn Arms Cardigan (Mwldan)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Treffynnon Inn St Dogmaelsc. NOT KNOWNPub
Ty Mawr Llanbadarn Fawr (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Ty Sian Daniel Aberaeron (17 Market Street)c. NOT KNOWNPubTy Shan Daniel
Ty Shan DanielAberaeronsee Ty Sian DanielPub
Tygwyn Arms Penrhiwllan (Penrhiwllan, Llandysul)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Tynewydd Cilcennin (p)before 1836c. 1838Pub
Tynllidiart Arms Capel Bangorc. open 2017PubTy'n-llidiart, Tynllidiard
Ty'n-llidiart, TynllidiardCapel Bangorsee Tynllidiart ArmsPub
Unicorn Aberaeron (26 Alban Square)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Unicorn Aberystwyth (16 Pier Street)before 1822NOT KNOWNPub
Unicorn Aberystwyth (2Alfred Place/16 Corporation Street (corner))before 1837open 2017PubSportsman; Kanes; Unicorn Inn
SportsmanAberystwythsee UnicornPub
KanesAberystwythsee UnicornPub
Unicorn InnAberystwythsee UnicornPub
Unicorn Tre'r Ddôlc. NOT KNOWNPub
Union Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Union Henfynyw (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Union Llanddewi Aberarth (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Union New Quayc. NOT KNOWNPub
Union Inn Ystrad Aeronbefore 1818c. 1874Pub
Unknown Bow Streetbefore 1819before 1900Pub
Unknown Lampeterc. NOT KNOWNPub
Vale of Aeron Ystrad Aeronc. closed 2021?Pub
Vale of Teifi Inn Llanwenogc. after 1978PubVale of Teify, Vale of Tivy
Vale of Teify, Vale of TivyLlanwenogsee Vale of Teifi InnPub
Vaults Aberystwythc. NOT KNOWNPub
Vedw Arms Betws Lleucu (5 High Street)c. 1908Pub
Victoria House Llanon (Stryd Fawr, LLANON)before 1871after 1881Pub
Victoria Inn Borthc. open 2017Pub
Victoria Inn Cardigan (20 Catherine Row)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Victoria Tavern Aberystwyth (14 Baker Street / Eastgate )before 1875c. 1920PubThe Victoria, Victoria Hotel, Victoria Inn
The Victoria, Victoria Hotel, Victoria InnAberystwythsee Victoria TavernPub
Volunteer Arms Cardigan (Pontycleifon)c. NOT KNOWNPub
Webley Arms Poppit (Poppit)c. open 2016PubWebley Hotel, Poppit
Webley Hotel, PoppitPoppitsee Webley ArmsPub
Welsh Black Bow Streetc. open 2017PubCross Axes; Black Lion Inn
Cross AxesBow Streetsee Welsh BlackPub
Black Lion InnBow Streetsee Welsh BlackPub
Welsh Harp Aberystwyth (54 Terrace Road / Corporation Street corner)c. 1889PubLibertine Cocktail Bar
Libertine Cocktail BarAberystwythsee Welsh HarpPub
Wenallt Arms Tregaronc. 18391919Pub
Western Vaults Aberystwyth (Northgate / 1 Thespian Street)c. open 2017PubWeston Vaults, Weston Hotel
Weston Vaults, Weston HotelAberystwythsee Western VaultsPub
White Hall Inn Llanon (Stryd Fawr, LLANON)1869c. 1911PubWhitehall
WhitehallLlanonsee White Hall InnPub
White Hart Aberaeron (13 Market Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
White Hart Aberystwyth (2 Market Street)before 1837NOT KNOWNPub
White Hart Lampeter (Harford Square)before 1851c. 1960Pub
White Hart New Quay (White Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
White Hart St Dogmaelsc. open 2017Pub
White Hart Swyddffynnonc. after 1861Pub
White Hart Inn Cardigan (11 St Mary Street)c. 1932Pub
White Horse Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
White Horse Tregaronc. NOT KNOWNPub
White Horse Hotel Aberystwyth (48 Terrace Road / Upper Portland Street)before 1858open 2017PubVarsity, Rea's
Varsity, Rea'sAberystwythsee White Horse HotelPub
White Lion Aberaeron (30 Alban Square)c. 1934Pub
White Lion Aberporthbefore 1851NOT KNOWNPubWhite Lion Hotel
White Lion HotelAberporthsee White LionPub
White Lion Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNPub
White Lion Cardigan (12 Castle Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
White Lion Lampeter (17 Harford Square)before 1851c. 1881Pub
White Lion Llandysulc. NOT KNOWNPub
White Lion New Quay (1 Park Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
White Lion Ysbyty Ystwyth (p)c. NOT KNOWNPub
White Lion 2 Aberystwyth (Princess Street / Bridge Street)c. 1727c. 1871Pub
White Lion 2 Cardigan (Bridgend)c. NOT KNOWNPub
White Lion 3 Cardigan (34 High Street)c. NOT KNOWNPub
White Lion Hotel Talybontc. open 2017PubLlew Gwyn
Llew GwynTalybontsee White Lion HotelPub
White Lion Inn Borthbefore 1844after 1895Pub
White Swan  Llanon (Stryd yr Ysgol, LLANON)before 1861open 2017PubCommercial
CommercialLlanonsee White Swan Pub
White Swan Inn Aberystwyth (3 St James's Square)before 18221930PubSwan Inn
Swan InnAberystwythsee White Swan InnPub
Wildfowler Inn Tre'r Ddôlbefore 1880open 2017PubCommercial Inn; Miners Arms?; Dolclettwr Arms
Commercial InnTre'r Ddôlsee Wildfowler InnPub
Miners Arms?Tre'r Ddôlsee Wildfowler InnPub
Dolclettwr ArmsTre'r Ddôlsee Wildfowler InnPub
Windsor Vaults Borthc. NOT KNOWNPub
Wine Vaults Aberystwyth (Terrace Road/ North Parade)c. 1937PubWatkins' Vaults; Fear's Vaults; Hardings' Vaults; North Parade Hotel
Watkins' VaultsAberystwythsee Wine VaultsPub
Fear's VaultsAberystwythsee Wine VaultsPub
Hardings' VaultsAberystwythsee Wine VaultsPub
North Parade HotelAberystwythsee Wine VaultsPub
Y Bont Aberaeron (South Road)c. NOT KNOWNPubPenybont; Penbont
PenybontAberaeronsee Y BontPub
PenbontAberaeronsee Y BontPub
Y Ffarmers Llanfihangel y Creuddyn (p) (Llanfihangel y Creuddyn, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion)c. open 2017PubFarmers Arms
Farmers ArmsLlanfihangel y Creuddyn (p)see Y FfarmersPub
Yr Hen Llew Du Aberystwyth (Bridge Street, Aberystwyth)c. open 2017PubBlack Lion; Old Black Lion, Hen Lew Du
Black LionAberystwythsee Yr Hen Llew DuPub
Old Black Lion, Hen Lew DuAberystwythsee Yr Hen Llew DuPub
Yr Hen Orsaf Aberystwyth (p) (Alexandra Road)c. open 2017Pub
Adpar Coffee Tavern Adpar (Lloyd Terrace)before 1909after 1909Temperance
Barracks Mobile Cocoa Tavern Aberystwythc. 1881NOT KNOWNTemperance
Brynawel Temperance Hotel Tregaron (Station Road)before 1907after 1918Temperance
Central Hotel Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth)c. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Cocoa House Aberystwyth (4 Chalybeate St)1879after 1918TemperanceTemperance House
Temperance HouseAberystwythsee Cocoa HouseTemperance
Eagle Aberystwyth (26 Great Darkgate Street)c. 1923NOT KNOWNTemperance
Gwalia Cocoa House and Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (8 Pier Street)c. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Hotel Brynawel Aberystwyth (Great Darkgate Street)c. NOT KNOWNTemperanceHotel Bryn-a-Wel
Hotel Bryn-a-WelAberystwythsee Hotel BrynawelTemperance
Howell's Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (21 Chalybeate Street)c. 18841887Temperance
James’s Temperance and Commercial Hotel Aberystwyth (Mill Street)c. 1884c. 1890TemperanceJames's Temperance Hotel, James's Commercial Hotel
James's Temperance Hotel, James's Commercial HotelAberystwythsee James’s Temperance and Commercial HotelTemperance
Morris's Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (20 Mary Street (now Lower Terrace Road))before 1854after 1886Temperance
Northey's Temperance and Commercial Hotel Aberystwyth (21 Chalybeate Street)before 18881904TemperanceNorthey's Temperance Hotel
Northey's Temperance HotelAberystwythsee Northey's Temperance and Commercial HotelTemperance
Padarn Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (14 Great Darkgate Street)1885after 1897TemperancePadarn Coffee Tavern
Padarn Coffee TavernAberystwythsee Padarn Temperance HotelTemperance
Painter's Temperance Hotel and Eating House Aberystwyth (51 Upper Portland Street)1858NOT KNOWNTemperance
Pontfaen Coffee Tavern Lampeter (10 & 11 Harford Square, Lampeter)c. 1895NOT KNOWNTemperancePontfaen Stores, Coronation Stores
Pontfaen Stores, Coronation StoresLampetersee Pontfaen Coffee TavernTemperance
Sambrooks Cardigan (Bridge St)c. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Star Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (11 Chalybeate Street)before 1898after 1900Temperance
Temperance Hall Aberystwyth (North Parade / Queens Road)18641895Temperance
Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (Mill Street)c. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Temperance Hotel Llanilar (p) (Opposite the church)c. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Temperance Hotel Pontwelly (Llandysul Road)c. 1877NOT KNOWNTemperanceTemperance Hall?
Temperance Hall?Pontwellysee Temperance HotelTemperance
Temperance House Aberystwythc. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Temperance House Borthc. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Temperance House Llanon (Stryd Fawr, LLANON)before 1901after 1911TemperanceWellington
WellingtonLlanonsee Temperance HouseTemperance
Temperance House Taliesinc. NOT KNOWNTemperance
Temperance House Tregaron (Market Square)c. NOT KNOWNTemperanceNew Bush Temperance Hotel
New Bush Temperance HotelTregaronsee Temperance HouseTemperance
Twelly Side Inn Pontwelly (Station Road, Pontweli)c. NOT KNOWNTemperancePontwelly House
Pontwelly HousePontwellysee Twelly Side InnTemperance
Twellyside Inn Pontwelly (Station Road, Pontwelly)before 1871before 1891TemperanceTwelly House
Twelly HousePontwellysee Twellyside InnTemperance
Victoria Coffee Tavern Cardigan (Priory Street)1883after 1910Temperance
Volk's Family and Commercial Temperance Hotel St Dogmaels (10 Castle Street)c. after 1896Temperance
Walters Hotel Lampeter (College Street)c. 1905c. 1960TemperanceCommercial Hotel
Commercial HotelLampetersee Walters HotelTemperance
Waverley Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (2 Mill St)before 1895after 1960sTemperance
Westminster Commercial Temperance Hotel Aberystwyth (35 Bridge Street)c. NOT KNOWNTemperance
White House  Aberystwyth (6 Terrace Road)c. 1912c. 1915Temperance
Ann John Cardigan (Pendre)c. 18771877Unlicenced
David Davies beerhouse Betws Ifan (p) (Bryn)c. NOT KNOWNUnlicenced
David Williams Silian (p) (Pwllycwarry/Pwllcware)c. 1873Unlicenced
Hannah Davies Cardigan (Greenfield Street)c. 1855Unlicenced
Hannah Wigley Cardigan (Strand)c. 1848Unlicenced
Joseph Prosser  Cardigan (24 Upper Mwldan)c. 1884Unlicenced
Margaret Evans beerhouse Penbryn (p) (Pencastell)c. NOT KNOWNUnlicenced
Mary Esau Cardigan (Greenfield Square/Mwldan)c. 1848Unlicenced
Owen Alban Maltster Ferwig (Heol-las Fach Cottage)c. NOT KNOWNUnlicenced
Pwllyrafel Llandysiliogogo (p)c. NOT KNOWNUnlicenced
Samuel Davies, Blacksmith Cribync. 1888c. 1888Unlicenced
Sarah Wilson Cardigan (Quay Street)c. 18771877Unlicenced
Tanysgwilfa Llandysiliogogo (p) (Plwmp)before 1882NOT KNOWNUnlicenced
Thomas Cousins, Brynmadog Lodge Betws Bledrws (p)c. 1879after 1879UnlicencedBryn-madog Bach
Bryn-madog BachBetws Bledrws (p)see Thomas Cousins, Brynmadog LodgeUnlicenced
Williams Davies, Tanrhos Llanilar Licensing Divisionc. 1870Unlicenced
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